lucid living a book you can read in an hour that will turn your world inside out by timothy freke ***** Imagine for a moment you are dreaming. Buy Lucid Living: Waking Up to Life by Timothy Freke now! Imagine for a moment that you’re dreaming. Read story Lucid Living – Timothy Freke by dalesrob with reads. gnosticism, zen, philosophy. lucid living a book you can read.

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It means harming someone else is just hurting ourselves. Take a timotyh As a person you have different mental and physical characteristics to me.

I share in our collective joy and suffering. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Timothy Freke claims this book will turn your world inside out within an hour. How are you doing?

You are timeless awareness dreaming itself to ,iving a person in time. And I think that’s beautiful. For a moment you just stand there and let this awesome realisation sink in. These words are reaching through time and space connecting us greke. I want to point out some clues which suggest life is like a dream, for you to check out for yourself in your own immediate experience. But even in everyday speech we say: Before we embark on our philosophical adventure, let me make something very clear.

This book is full of many insights that I can honestly say I hadn’t ever come across before. So that we can walk each other home. Becoming conscious of lcuid mystery of existence is like waking up from a dream.


Since time immemorial wise men and women have been assuring us that love is the only solution to our problems. Your experience of this moment is not a belief that can be questioned. Knowing you are dreaming is the secret of enjoying the dream.

If I could give this book zero stars I would. Jun 15, Steve rated it it was amazing. For information, see timothyfreke. Think of all the needless suffering we are causing ourselves through our mistaken belief that we are separate. You call after him: Nice fun to think of things differently.

Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out

Within the flow of experiences you appear to be a particular person. It is an emptiness that contains all you are experiencing. I feel privileged that you have invited me into your mind to share these ideas with you. Imagine for a moment you are dreaming. If I could give this book zero stars Reading this tiny book was probably the biggest waste of time in my life.

Lucid Living: A Book You Can Read in an Hour That Will Turn Your World Inside Out by Tim Freke

I want to know timothh This book has inspired me to want to know more about lucid living. But I have been thinking about it lucif lot–which is a good sign that it had some impact. And that feels good. Right now you are awareness witnessing a flow of experiences. And, just as suddenly, they were gone again. It’s always good to question one’s own worldview and revaluate life.

Yet, here we are, exactly where se started. It may take a little longer than that to attain awakening and reading a book won’t help, but this book may help prod you in the right direction. But I can take you on a blind date with some extremely bold and beautiful ideas.


Lucid living is like falling in love. I find that offensive. But the idea, and writing kept me reading. I found it to be helpful in my everyday lucdi, but I am already inclined to believe what the author is saying in the little book. You know that the best way to deal with people who are clearly out of the box is to nod politely and hope they will go away. This is your permanent essential identity. You can doubt all beliefs that are based on your memories of the past, because memory is fallible.

It may be an encounter with death that jolts us back to life. Because I am the stranger and I want to make an extraordinary suggestion…. Your identity is inherently paradoxical. But the more I was reassured, the more irritated I became at my failure. It takes 30 minutes to read at most. Its impersonal precision and intimate intensity. However, I don’t buy into the idea of an inherent awareness which is separate and above mind, body and the external world.