3. ronk uebnch obor Autor: Mgr. Michaela Pavlkov Pouit literatura: rmci kolnho projektu:Zlepen podmnek pro vzdlvn na stednch kolch. Operace mla velk ohlas uesk aslo-bylo vesmlouv odroku pro nada-(LGK). .. We and Ondra have spouitm bezpenostnho protokolu 3-D also been Prize on November 10, denty stednch avysokch kol prvn ronk at the ofn in Prague. .. ivdech nklad spojench spedatestan literature and pre-licensing . V rmci ve zmnnch Vhod pedplatitele asopisu StomaTeam jsme pro vs v rmci Obr. 1: Fazety na stednch a postrannch hornch 2.

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Vron zprva Charta 77 Download Report. Published on Nov View 4. Reduction neziskovch organizac ji poctilo nasv and many non-profit organizations haveof neonatal mortality through improving ki, Nadace Charty 77 me pi bilancovnfelt its painful pgo all too closely the the quality of the national system of care uplynulho roku zcela klidn prohlsit Charta 77 Litfratura, in taking stock of thefor extremely premature infants; for this nai drci, dontoi aptel veho druhu past year, may declare with equanimity that project we received agrant litreatura generates ns neopustili.

Ale nejdleitjamounts of funds we were able to raise andwith which we were able to furnish twelve je, e jsme neztratili ani gram dvry veej-how we allocated them to our various pro- pediatric facilities in leading hospitals nosti, e podpora doslova tisc lid se krs- jects. But the most important thing is that across the country with technology. We are n potvrdila vpedvnonm koncertu vTVweve lost not atittle of the general publics proud of this achievement.

Nova, kter sledoval jeden milion divk. Ifeel must be mentioned in terms of the jekt skomplikovanm nzvem Snen volume of aid, and in terms of the number novorozeneck morbidity zkvalitnnm of individuals, organizations, and groups systmu nrodn pe oextrmn nezralwho 3.eonk support, our Foundation has novorozence, pro kter jsme ztzv. While one should 3ronk zskali grant, kter nm pinese stku vce not engage in games of competition in ne dvacet tyi milion korun pro vybaventhe non-profit sector, we are nonetheless dvancti pediatrickch pracovi vepiko-glad and grateful that generous people vch nemocnicch vcel republice.

Jsmehave enabled us to aim for the top position nato pyni.

Nechci vs u nazatku zahlcovat mno- stvm podrobnch daj, ale jednu vc si Not least for this reason, it is with feelings neodpustm nae nadace se objememof acceptance and satisfaction that we part pomoci apotem podporovanch jednotlivcways with aproject that in asense repre- iorganizac askupin stala nejvt vrepub-sented our first step in the world of charity lice.

Vneziskovm sektoru sice takto nesou- work. Andbecause this project has over tme, ale pesto jsme rdi, e dky tdrmtime become shednch almost legendary matter lidem meme aspirovat napiku meziof the heart, it is fitting that the words of tmi, kte vtch dobch inn pomhaj. Surgery is fully covered Hospital attractive and was instrumental ininnosti skonila bo umon vylit pacienty, unich klasic- hasdrawntoaclose by the general health insurance companyits acquisition of new medical technologyk operace vbec nen mon.

Opera-OzaovaclbaDear Friends, Dear Supporters of Charta 77 available to patients with proper indication the specialized cyclotron for manufacturingdovolte mi mal zavzpomnn. Najae ce jsou pln hrazeny Veobecnou zdravot-Foundation, allow me reminisce abit. In the stdnch all over the country, basically without radiopharmaceuticals. Voices in the Czech press speculated aboutveStockholmu dost opomoc odsloven- van pacienty zcel republiky prakticky bezvmnohappadechme in the office of Charta 77 Foundation in the fate of the old LGK, which belongssk lkaky zMartina.

Usilovala oto, aby jej ekacch lht. Stockholm in which aSlovak medical doctor The LGK was in the ownership of Charta to piteratura Foundation, given that it was onepacient, tehdy tinctilet Ma, mohl pod- nahraditriskantnfrom the city of Martin in Slovakia explained77 Foundation and leased to Homolkaof the most sophisticated devices in thestoupit operaci mozku uniktnm vdskmLGN byl majetkem Nadace Charty 77 anaz-otevenou that she had been fighting for achance to Hospital on the basis of an agreement.

Sohledem naZkon ona- operacimozkuthen year old girl Ma, using aunique the provisions of the Foundations anda4C Leksell Gamma Knife, belongs to theraci prostednictvm zvltn sbrky vevd- dacch anadanch fondech. For this reason, the companysku. Operace mla velk ohlas uesk aslo-bylo vesmlouv odroku pro nada- LGK. The Foundation got on the case andColl. Nadace se pro- na ron.


Vervnu byla podlouhchoperacevbecfundraiser. The case received tremendous lowing lengthy negotiations, anew lease install the device at another European hos-to poporad spednmi eskmi neurology jednnch uzavena nov njemn smlouva attention by the Czech and Slovak public,agreement was made between Charta 77 pital. The funds which Charta 77 Foundationaneurochirurgy rozhodla pokusit se podob-mezi Nadac Charty 77 aNemocnic nenmon.

Ta upravila majetkov vztahyon our doorstep. The Foundation thereforetling the mutual ownership relations and into bank accounts and are earmarked forze kolem dvou destek opatit pro nai 3.ronk zven njmu zauvn noe. Pstroj stl pes ti miliony dola- Finann prostedky, kter nadace tmto neurologist and neurosurgeons, to try andfor pri the knife. The funds raised by On occasion of putting their mutual coop-r necelch milion korun.

Spomoc njmem zskvala, byly ajsou vyuvny lo toti ojeden znejsofistikovanjch secure such adevice – of which only about the Foundation luteratura way of this lease were eration to rest, Charta 77 Foundation andsbrky, srovnvan prvem se sbrkou navy- vrmci projektu Konto MA.

Nadace pstroj ze zhruba LGN, kter jsoutwenty installations existed worldwide atalways used, and continue to be used,Homolka Hospital both affirmed that sttednch Nrodn divadlo potkem osmde-Charty 77 navzala spoluprci sstavem dnes nasvt vprovozu, patil n model the time – for our country.

The price tag ex-within the context of the Ma Account intend to continue to maintain amicablestch let pedminulho stolet, se podailoneurochirurgie akademika A. Romada-4C Leksellova Gama noe kt nejmodernjceeded three million dollars about mil- project. Charta 77 Foundation entered into and cooperative relations.

Sbrky nakon-nova Akademie lkaskch vd Ukrajiny. Literagura dvodu nabdla firma lion crowns. With the help of afundraisercooperation with the A.

Vron zprva Charta 77

Romadanovto Ma se individuln ikolektivn zast-Prostednictvm Konta MA nadace hradila Elekta nadaci odkoupen praskho LGN that has with some merit been compared toInstitute of Neurosurgery at the Ukrainian Iwould like to hereby thank, on behalf ofnily miliony ech aSlovk atisce firem ron 10 operac ukrajinskch dtskch paci- hodl jej umstit vnkter jin evropsk the collection for the reconstruction of the Academy of Sciences.

Using the Ma Ac-the Charta 77 Foundation, all those whoakolektiv zcel zem. Celkem byla operace nemocnici. Prostedky, kter Nadace National Theater, destroyed in aconflagra-count, the Foundation was able to paysent money to the Ma Account and thusrobn slo 37 azahjil provoz vNemocni-uhrazena 77 nemocnm dtem. Pro vtinu Charty 77 tmto odkoupenm zsk, budou tion, at the beginning of the s we werefor 10 surgeries under the Prague LGKsaved the life of thousands.

Dnes je nace-znich to znamenalo zchranu ivota ideponovny nabankovnch tech avyu-able to amass the necessary monies. Hun- annually to save Ukrainian child patients. Spoluprce sukrajinskmi neuro- vny nahumanitrn projekty. For most of them, thePresidentoftheCharta77Foundationte vsledk, e diagnostickho zbru nila ilbu ady dosplch ukrajinskchCharty 77 aNemocnic NaHomolce obpeople across the country, participated in treatment meant saving their lives andamnostv uskutennch operac: Oeten napraskm pracoviti organizace prohlsily, e ivbudoucnu bu-the Ma Account fundraiser.

The Prague- restoring their health. Our cooperationLGN oetil pacient. LGN si ale zasnenou cenu platili sami. Today, LGKsanumber of adult Ukrainian patients – thebudovno pikov pracovit, kter nejen novm pstrojem Perfexion svrobnm s-Dkuji jmnem Nadace Charty 77 vem, kteare installed worldwide, but none of themlatter, however, paid for their own treat- Radiationtherapyusinge nem obdoby vEvrop, ale pat kabso-lem Stl milion korun.

Ozaovac lba gamanemocnice zskala ze sttnho rozpotu. The hos-ortohealpatientspojeho ukonen vlistopadu bylaAstate-of-the-art worksite was created at pital received the necessary funds fromforwhomopenformlnm vlastnkem LGN Nadace Homolka Hospital that is not only peerless the public budget.


Vdivokch devadestchPedsedaSprvnradyNadaceCharty77absolute best in the world. Our Gamma since mid-November We annually The Charta 77 Foundation remained the for-privatizaci jedn znejmodernjch eskch performed about surgeries, loteratura owner of the LGK from the time it wasnemocnic.

Byl to toti LGN, kter dlal to aglobal average ofsays Romanfirst put into operation in until decom-Homolku atraktivn apitahoval kn nov Lik, head consultant of the department. Homolka Hospital has been using hospitals. Vloskm roce jsme zskali odFor- the country moved to anew level last year, Ogilvy Group and their people.


It is an opentuny vbec nejvt finann podporu zod- when we received the largest ever financial secret in the non-profit world that the Bar-vod naveejn prospnou innost. Veden donation from Fortuna from the mandatoryriers Account has for many years have literarura vele sgenerlnm editelem Mar- allocation of profits to charity. We have this partner whose support accounts fortinem Ttem a vkonnou editelkou Ivanou the trust of the management of Fortuna, alarge part of the Foundations success.

Dobrou povst headed by CEO Martin Stedncch and Executiveare glad to be able to say that we are stillmme prro iuvlastnk szkov kancele,Director Ivana Ambroov, but also by the fond of each other after more than 16 yearsfinann spolenosti Penta Investments aje- shareholders, the financial holding Penta of cooperation.

References, sources

The advertising industry isjch spolumajitel, jmenovit Marka DospivyInvestments and their co-owners, in particu-infamous for wearing out creative brains,aMatje Kika. Bez nich bychom se nata- lar Marek Dospiva and Matj Kik. Withoutwhich is why the old dogs who have beenkov top ebek Fortuny urit nedostali. Jeho majitel Andrej Ba- Agrofert Holding, a.

V, jak tce se vy- charisma. He knows how hard it is Raiffeisen Bank, a.

Mme snm u nkolik let vztah to earn money, and he is certainly not oneAccount share an indestructible friendship. We look back on arelationship of our highly successful public fundraiser. Neprosme usekretek, jednme p- several years with this man arelationshipIt has always been very friendly towardsBlanka Vorlkov, Emil Sirotek, Ondej Mar-mo. Mm rda jeho otzky vSMS zprvchsomewhat different from what you wouldus, and we want to further deepen our tinec, Miroslav Jirkovsk, Blanka Grygrkov,co mm udlat?

Mm vdy pohotovjednu zbankou literagura charitativnch one of the top positions on the list of the bond more clearly. We appreciate that hart, and the post-production studio Avion. Vti-organizac, dostv tato nadace finannwealthiest Czechs. We donot supplicate atthe bank thought of us when it launched The bar of our cooperation is set truly verynou je vyslyena. Neskromn si myslm, ebonus.

Vroce to byla pro Kontothe PAs desk we talk directly to the man. Ilove his Litteratura messages, in which he asks preferred charity organizations who carry effort alongside pfo new creative teams tor, stejn jako my onm!

For each always be on top in the field of advertising, ivroce, kter byl mon pro tuto ekonomic-ce atmosfra, kjak solidarit se dok za- Imiss?

Ihaveclient who decides to support one of themarketing, and public relations. Jealousy is ky silnou spolenost, kter zajiuje bezpe- mstnanci aveden vzedmout. Nazat-learned to always have aprompt answerbanks reference charity organizations, the an alien and frowned-upon emotion in the n prosted pro leteck literaatura, sloitj. In most cases, hell Foundation receives afinancial bonus. In non-profit sector, but the comprehensivepodporujPesto se ost svch zisk podlili stmi, senbank sbrkovou akci prorodinu smal- accept and follow it.

Iallow myself the ratherthis made ahandsome sum for thecare and support we have been receiving kdo to potebuj. Veveden podniku je to mi dtmi, kterm se utopil tta, rovn za- immodest belief that Andrej Babi thinks liferatura Barriers Account: Jsou tam ji adu let lid, 3.onk banky.

Banka pot vtek sbrkyhighly of our Foundation asentiment whichAt 3.ronm point, we would like to mention few things for which our colleagues in the kte naty potebn nezapomnaj, amy svm darem zdvojnsobila. Dostali jsme d-is reciprocated! At the beginning of the year, bank staff organized an event for afamily with small children, the bereaved depen- The Air Navigation Services of the Czechdants of an employee of the bank who had Republic zen letovho provozu, s.

The bank doubled the gain of long-term partner, supported the Foundation that event. We had the banks trust and xtednch in ayear that may have been rather were able to assist with the administrative Raiffeisenbanka. Bankaplayer who is in charge of creating asafeport of that family.