Movie playback from content imported to a Kaleidescape server or from discs in a Disc Vault. High-definition onscreen user interface. Proprietary M-Class. Kaleidescape 1U Server & M Player. Shane Buettner | Sep 20, Performance Features Ergonomics Value. Price: $16, (as tested) At A Glance: . Kaleidescape and I go way back. This is the fifth time I’ve had one of its systems in for review, and I must say, the company’s products just keep.

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GoldenEar Technology Triton One.

Kaleidescape outs M300 and M500 Blu-ray players, copiers

Bluesound Digital Multiroom Audio System. The M Series systems are capable of streaming native Blu-ray content, both audio and video, over your home network.

It’s not a real issue as the M will rip the discs to the server by itself. The scenes feature is totally customizable. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years.

Shinola Bookshelf Speaker Review. For additional information, please visit www.

Premiere Disc-Based Product Line

Co-Star gives full kaleidesacpe to the latest 4K Ultra HD technology and content from Kaleidescape while retaining seamless access to all content on your Premiere system. The two boxes were wrapped together in a travel case and connected to each other over Ethernet with a small router also tucked into the box. Now I can watch any Blu-ray as if it were in a player in my room.


Other trademarks and trade names are owned by third parties and may be registered in some jurisdictions. The list is alphabetical and scrolls at two speeds. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years.

No additional compression is involved, so even high-definition movies with lossless kaleodescape from Blu-ray Discs play back in all their glory. The main way they moved forward to make their Blu-ray media server closed system legal was to actually include the disc in a player even if it’s also on a close-ended server.

The M player is also a single rack space in height, I liked the feature for demoing movies for friends and I suspect dealers will like this feature too.

Kaleidescape M Player | Sound & Vision

The 1U server I received was maxed out with the four 2-TB drives creating a proprietary type of RAID array, which to non-nerds means that one of the drives is purely for parity and data redundancy so the content is protected from hard-drive failure. Thankfully, Kaleidescape’s got a disc loader in the works which will allow you to keep a “large number” of discs ready in the system for faster loading. Or some mix in between.

Best Gifts for Medium width bars represent single songs while albums are in larger windows to show the entire album.

My cynicism lasted roughly two and a half to three seconds into actually using a Kaleidescape system. I imported a ton of discs at once and the M just kept plugging along until they were all stored. The M then goes through each new Blu-ray disc and stores them on the server’s hard disc drives. It occupies one kaleidesape space, thus the name 1U. In order to use this system to its potential you need to have enough disc vaults to hold all of your Blu-rays as well as enough server space to store them all on.


Kaleidescape even monitors hard drive performance and will notify you or your dealer of impending failures.

Even the fastest Blu-ray kaleidescwpe will still just be on the menu by then. Music From Big Pink. Kaleidescape is accepting orders for M and M Players, and shipments will begin May 18th.

But power users can dig deeper and find movies by their favorite actors, directors, genres, and more. No, they are not 3D-capable. The 1U can distribute DVDs to 50 zones simultaneously and Blu-rays to nine while accepting up to four simultaneous imports of discs – clearly this thing has some serious bandwidth.

Music From Big Pink.