Designed to JSS equivalent to MIL-C • Wall mount, cable extension, box mount, straight cable, 90° connectors. • 12 shell sizes, 2 – contact. These are circular threaded coupling connectors designed to JSS ( equivalent to MIL C ). The housing is aluminium alloy having Olive green. These connectors are made in accordance to Defence Standard Joint Services Specification JSS , which is a derivation of the MIL-C, USA Military.

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A- Solid Shell for general, uss applications. Crimp and solder termination is also available. The standard hardware plating is electrically conductive cadmium plated with an olive drab chromate passivisation for corrosion resistance.

Standard M8 boxes with up to 12 Nos. To 5012 multiple values within a box, hold down “ctrl” while selecting values within the box Clear Show Results.

Tamper Evident Security Seals. The housing is aluminium alloy having Olive green, corrosion resistant, Cadmium plating for extreme operating conditions.

Round Shell Connectors

T- or Y- splitters and standard or customised cable assemblies offered. To select multiple values within a box, hold down “ctrl” while selecting values within the box. Nylon, Vinyl, Heat shrink, Nss, etc Insulation materials.


Shell components are fabricated from high-grade aluminium alloy. Crimp and solder termination are nss. Strain relief is supplied on most shell sizes. Applications include temperature and speed sensors, inter-coach communication systems, master controller, etc. Contacts are silver plated copper alloy for maximum corrosion resistance, maximum current carrying capacity and low milli-volt drop. Nature of Business Manufacturer.

Bharat Trading Corporation

Other inserts options include silicon. Lightweight Environmental Resisting – shorter in length and lighter in weight than E and F classes, the R offers a high degree of reliability under adverse conditions; recommended for new design applications. Coaxial Connectors in Mumbai. Either pin or socket inserts can be pressurized. Fully shielded and sealed for field use. High-quality manufacturing processes and materials combine with exact design standards and ensure optimum performance and reliability under extreme environmental conditions.

Complete field serviceability is possible with the strain relief clamp. Combo connectors with any combination of micro, coax and power contacts in 2 row shells. Class designations and brief descriptions are listed below.

Both D-type and circular versions available. Single Pin Headers and Feed Thrus. High quality manufacturing processes and materials combine with exacting design standards to ensure optimum performance and reliability under an extreme range of hostile environment conditions.


Low profile with 2mm pitch, Ruggedized with aluminium alloyEasy maintenance with dismountable contacts. Get in Touch with us Surya Manufacturing Company.

Compatible with all standard network cables including CAT-6e. View Contact Call Seller Now. Suitable bases offered separately. Pressurized- for use on pressurized bulkheads or pressure barriers; limits air leakage regardless of type and class of plug mated with them.

SMD versions also offered. A halogen free, flame retardant insulator is available for connectors used in electric locomotive applications – RDSO approved. Full range fo cutting, stripping and crimping tools in manual, hydraulic and pneumatic versions.

Custom built cable assemblies using Allied connectors and standard cables for demanding applications. Cylindrical Threaded Coupling Connectors are available for many applications from commercial and industrial use to the most stringent, high-reliability military and space applications. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Get best deals for coconut.