The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2 has ratings and 20 reviews. Deb said: While I did enjoy this book as a continuation of the series, and for the in. Jean M. Auel’s enthralling Earth’s Children® series has become a literary phenomenon, beloved by readers around the world. In a brilliant. Автор: Auel Jean, Книга: The Plains of Passage, Серия: Earth Children, Жанр: история. “Ayla, I’m sure if we just rode off, he’d jump in and follow you. If we’re .

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Oct 06, Pages. Jondalar, with a face that was like hers, and yet more like a Clan face than hers, was beautiful.

It had begun as a side loop of the river that swayed back and forth, as all flowing water did when traversing open land. If it means we may not get to the glacier in time, then we’ll wait until the next season for crossing.

The grizzled matriarch turned to look in their direction for a long moment — they noticed that one of her long tusks was broken off — then she turned her attention back to more important activity.

It’s all mindless fluff, nothing of significance ever happens, Ayla and Jondalar do not develop or grow as people whatsoever, they’re about as flat as wafer thin paper. The tapering poles were made from whole trees, tall, thin, straight ones with the branches and bark stripped off, and Ayla carried them in special holders sticking up from the back of Whinney’s two pack baskets, just as Jondalar carried the shorter tent poles.

What will happen if we don’t reach it by pllains As happy as she had been with the Mamutoi, she had also been miserably unhappy because of Jondalar. I gave him to Uba. The dark brown hair of the old matriarch was shot with gray. He didn’t want to have to use the dried traveling food they had with them unless they really needed it.

Ayla loosened her sling and took a few round stones from a pouch in readiness. He always loved to taste of her. But the swollen plins glands and other symptoms were not a sickness. She received honorary degrees from her alma mater, as well as the University of Maine and plalns Mount Vernon College for Women. I’m currently half way through it and I’m not sure whether to continue it or no, as I’m not sure if I’ll read the last two books I already own ‘Shelters of stone’ but ‘Land of Painted Caves’ is still unpublished in Italy Retourning to the Sharamudoi?


Leading the horses, who were exhibiting some nervousness and excitement as well, they circled around through the tallgrass and followed the herd.

The Plains of Passage, Part 1 of 2

I don’t have any doubts about your feelings for me. Plainns cried out her release, and his own voice cried out with hers. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jondalar soon joined her, carrying a large, soft buckskin hide. The other bulls shied away, knowing the russet would be easily irritated.

More than merely having been allowed to observe, they felt a part of it, as though they had joined in on a moving and important ceremony. Jondalar, on the other hand, is your typical angsty Gary Stu. I’ve been thinking that maybe we should go that way, but I had hoped to see the Sharamudoi once more. She was not only giving up her new life with the Mamutoi, who had offered her a place among them, she was giving up any faint hope she might have had of seeing the people of her clan again, or the son she had left with them.

With the rugged terrain leading to open fields of grass, it was their favored habitat.

Then she got up to clean up and arrange things for a lf and easy departure in the tbe. Near the top of the cairn, firmly anchored by heavy stones, was the broken-off end of a mammoth tusk with its tip aiming toward a large boulder partly submerged in the middle of the river. Auel continues to craft and develop her core characters The fourth installment in Jean M. It still surprised her.

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But no ground squirrels chose to show themselves while the people were passing, and Wolf seemed unable, or unwilling to flush them. On the final day, the foehn southern wind arrived, and the glacier became treacherous.

And maybe I’ll put some coltsfoot in it because it has a kind of salty taste. The deviants presented in The Plains of Passage offered a good counterpoint and examined jran things can go wrong in a society. The Shelters of Stone.

Book: The Plains of Passage

Some people won’t change. The whole herd ran to the dark red female, trumpeting and rumbling, touching her mouth and her wet opening with their trunks, defecating and splashing their water in an outburst of excitement. The Plains of Passage by Jean M. You would always miss your people, your family, the ones you were born to. Jan 03, Margitte rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was especially annoying when it interrupted the flow of compelling action in which I was worried about what would happen to the characters.

Ayla was entranced by a pair of young twins with beautiful reddish-golden fur accented by spiky black guard hairs, who peeked out from behind the huge legs and long ochre skirt of their hovering mother. Jul 11, Sarah rated it really liked it. But she probably practiced as long with that throwing stick as you did with your sling.

The Plains of Passage by Jean M. Auel | : Books

Then she heard faint snufflings. But Wolf knew exactly what was nosing around and had no intention of waiting. The huge bull laid his trunk across her back, caressing and calming her; his huge organ nearly touched the ground. Also, they depended on their animals, and supported them throughout their journey. Some were more red, some more brown, some tended toward yellow or gold, and a few looked almost black from a distance.