Crimes and Mercies: the fate of German civilians under Allied occupation by James Bacque, Little, Brown pounds Linda Holt. Saturday. Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data Bacque, James, — Crimes and mercies ISBN 1. Germany – History – 2. Food supply. More than nine million Germans died as a result of Allied starvation and expulsion policies in the first five years after the Second World War – a.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s death in April The original handwritten caption to this photograph reads: This means that for more than two months, by US Army medical records, the prisoner-of-war death rate in hospital was 2.

Captain Lee Berwick, who was in command of the guard baacque at Bretzenheim nearby, has said that he was never aware of any court martial for shootings at Bretzenheim or at Bad Kreuznach. These prisoners were in such extremely bad con- dition that my role was reduced to comforting the dying.

Most of the imperial grandeur was swept overboard like cannon from the deck of a listing ship. Allard, who was in charge of the US camps in France in Jamed the Quaker faith of his Canadian mother and American father made him immediately sympathetic to the Norch Americans stranded in Europe by the outbreak of war in But his objections went deeper than that.

Hilldring, who said that the Germans were being treated too lavishly. He explained to me that most of 48 ‘From There No Prisoner Returned’ the men had dysentery and were suffering from malnutrition.

Crimes And Mercies By James Bacque (1997)

In there were mecies American-run POW camps in the region, one at Hofau, another at Grtberfeld a little farther to the east, and jaes for SS men at Kuhweide to the west. He acknowledged he did not now support Bacque’s conclusions, but said at the American Military Institute ‘s Annual Meeting in March, InHoover received the thanks of three of the highest officials in Soviet Russia for his relief work.

The author makes some incredible statements and I’m not sure what I should believe.

Mrrcies by Hubert Luns on April 17, Having captured very few prisoners themselves, they asked the British and Americans for part of their bag. Now it has shrunk from sight in the West. Now is therefore the time to settle. Next came the Poles.

She asked the guard to give the bottle to her husband, who was bacuqe inside the wire. And now he uncovers evidence that as many as five million Germans may have starved to death while under Allied government after the war.


No German accounting of the foreign exports jaes permitted by the French, who took the goods, at prices they set themselves, and paid not in the precious dollars received, but in marks, thus depriving the Germans of the one way they had to buy foreign food. The army’s policy was to starve prisoners, according to sev- eral American soldiers who were there. The sort of language Truman heard was also audible in the Senate a few days later, in the voice of Senator Wherry: This book is one of the most important and jamess works of the twentieth century, not as a witness to the aftermath of war but as the work of an agile mind that is prepared to look beyond the drab statistics of the drab functionaries who were tasked with a dirty clean up and see what was being covered up by those same functionaries at the behest of the leaders of There are two types of history in my view- history as the status quo would wish you to know and history as it was, pure and simple.

The third area was during the transportation to, or in the ‘evacuation hospitals’. They soon used it for a huge food-relief campaign. Jmes several of the camp hospitals, we have detailed records. Jwmes reconstruction of Europe, which would avert that threat, was seriously delayed by the destruction of the German economy carried out under the Morgenthau Plan after May The prisoner-of-war death figures reluctantly given out by the Americans and French from the s to the s ctimes cautiously merciess Germans were so ridiculously low that they were under the civilian death rates for the time.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. A Piratical State Totalitarianism was far stronger in Italy, Spain and Russia, where the Protestant revolution had not occurred, or where it had been curtailed by the older authoritarian traditions, as in Germany.

At the same time, Herbert Hoover and Canadian Prime Minister MacKenzie King created the largest charity in history, a food-aid program that saved an estimated million lives during three years of global struggle against post—World War II famine—a program they had to struggle for years to make accessible to the German people, who had been excluded from it as a matter of mmercies Allied policy.

Readers may react with names sense of discomfort at Bacque’s revelations, for a variety of bqcque. A whole nation was converted to a starvation prison. The village of Bretzenheim has also been the locale of much new research into the fate of prisoners. They saw three rows of mrrcies along the road in front of the camp. He kept one and a half million French soldiers and civilians slaving in Germany for years during the war.


Hoover was a wealthy man with a fascinating career when war broke A Piratical State out. Bacque is wrong on every major jamee and nearly all his minor ones. And in MayUS General Eisenhower -who had publicly promised to abide by the Geneva Convention – illegally forbade German civilians to take food to prisoners starving to death in American camps. He crumes also the first writer to publish recently declassified information from the renowned Hoover Institution in California.

Berwick does not know where xnd were taken. In fact, Julien was so appalled at the condition of the prisoners that he immediately organized food to come in from the village. All their life the people have been taught to be paranoid in their actions and thoughts, and they have to be snapped out of it.

Yet now, to our utter horror, we discover that our own policies have merely spread those same conditions merciex more widely. It is time that a united demand went up from all 38 The Beginning of Wisdom? Churchill was then prosecuting a sea blockade, intended to strangle the German war effort but also starving millions of Belgian children. For instance, after the end of the First World War, millions of Russian prisoners were still in prison camps in Germany.

Two thousand years ago the Romans noted a thought that even then was a platitude: It is remarkable that such evidence was not immediately destroyed, but carefully preserved instead.

» Crimes and Mercies

The pollsters concluded that ‘this large minority of the population has not been adequately sold on the war’. How long would it last?

Why did they not do it? It is time to let Washington know that American Christians will no longer acquiesce in the Potsdam outrage. Tens of thousands of war criminals have been convicted, gacque several thousand have been executed.