This post is a review of Fiorinda Li Vigni’s recent biography of the French Hegel scholar Jacques D’Hondt, originally posted on the discussion. In this post, I discuss Jacques D’Hondt’s book Hegel en son Temps (Paris: Editions Sociales, ). There is an English translation by John. Professor Jacques D’Hondt () was professor at the University of Poitiers and an expert on the philosophy of Hegel. He was introduced to Hegel’s work.

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His interest in Hegel arose from Marxism, but he has long since gone beyond any doctrinaire approach. His motives are disputed: Hegel admired the Girondins, the Code Civilconstitutional government and property rights. He was an active freemason. His question then, is not Hegel in his time.

By hefel, following a court martial, the matter was resolved. Hensel’s portrait of Hegel In Heidelberg University.

Hegel in His Time: Berlin, 1818-1831

Varnhagen comments on this. He knew police methods, e.


Religious freedom was an issue for Protestants in Bavaria. Altenstein was bolder politically than Hardenberg. According to Cousin, this was based on political agreement. Cousin had been under surveillance since he had offered accommodation to Santa Rosa, a revolutionary from Piedmont who later died in Greece, but was then living under a false name in Paris.

Jacques D’Hondt

The Hegel renaissance only happened much later. Meiner,hondr includes notes drawn by Hoffmeister from Prussian state records. The king was attached to absolutism.

Engels thinks that Strauss in theology, Gans and Ruge in politics were leading figures of the age. InMarx had written to Arnold Ruge, saying that he wished to:.

Hegel had Schulze and Altenstein to rely on. In this sense, Hegel has not received justice. There is a conservative element to the dialectic.

He had sent information on Napoleon to Hegel, as did van Ghent from the Netherlands. Honxt he praised the French constitutional monarchy of as marking progress. It included many professors and students who had taken part in the wars of liberation Some rely on the judgment of Marx and Engels rather than looking at original documents.


In the Science of LogicHegel again criticized Fries, this time in print.

The file on Hegel shows him to have been of a similar stamp to them in his practical politics. Kieser’s Das Wartburgfest Sand was executed in May Ernst Bloch disagreed with this in Subject and Object He held no sway over the course of events.

The Prussian bureaucracy also participated in efforts at reform. This favored the particularism of the little German states and went against French models of reform.

Jacques D’Hondt | IISH

Hegel is seen by some as the philosopher of the Prussian state. The real tide of politics lay elsewhere, he thought. He knew Heinrich Heine and Varnhagen.