Se determinaron las isotermas de adsorción de humedad en harina de yuca a 20 , 25, 30 y 35ºC mediante el método gravimétrico en el intervalo de actividad de. Download scientific diagram | Isotermas de adsorción-desorción de N 2: a) Al- MCM, b) Mn-Al-MCM, c) Jacobsen quiralAl-MCM from publication. Download scientific diagram | Isotermas de adsorción-desorción de la roca BC-1, mostrando la zona de f ormación de la monocapa (M). from publication.

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Adsorption of gases in multimolecular layers, J. On the other hand, starch, quantitatively the main component of cereals such as oat, contains two polymers that dde to its molecular structure: Marcel Dekker Inc, Cap.

Applied Adsircion Thermodynamics, 2nd Ed. Mosisture sorption isotherms of fufu and tapioca at different temperatures, J Food Eng. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Da Silva, and L. Water sorption isotherms of starch powders. Thermodynamics properties of moisture sorption of potato, J Food Eng.

Is the free energy change of adsorption correctly calculated? The GAB model is considered to be the most iwotermas sorption model available in the literature Al-Muhtaseb et al. This result does not agree with Brett et al. Physical Chemistry of Surface, 6th Ed.

Isotermas de adsorción de Langmuir para diferentes soluciones orgánicas de colesterol

Wettability of quartz in presence of nonionic surfactants and short chain alcohol mixtures Journal of Colloid and Interface Science These curves were modeled using six equations commonly applied in food. Finally, Szyszkowski-Langmuir constant K L and Gibbs energy of absorption were calculated for the binary systems. Comparison of the sorption isotherm characteristics of two cassava products, Int.


Physical properties for foods. The oat product Avena sativa or A. Engineering properties of foods.

The results obtained in this study confirm the premise of Van den Adsorcino in relation to the modification of the sorption capacity around the transition region where the amorphous region of starch begins to be plasticized, increasing their availability of hydroxyl groups for the sorption isoteermas water molecules Brett et al.

Properties of water in foods in relation to quality and stability. The recommended storage conditions of oat flakes include: Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 2, Moisture equilibria of some dehydrated cassava and yam products, J. Predicting the variation of the equilibrium moisture content in solid materials, based on fundamentals principles, has not yet been developed for complex systems such as food matrices Al-Muhtaseb et al.

Isotermas de Adsorción by Arlette Huerta on Prezi

The quality of the fit was assessed with the regression coefficient r 2 and the mean relative percentage error MRPE. Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 12, Academic Press, New York, Journal of Chemical Physics Moisture sorption characteristics of starchy products: Rizvi Eds ,Engineering Properties of Foods.

From then on, the weight of the sample was controlled every 10 d until it achieved a constant weight equilibrium condition.


Impact of surface tension in pharmaceutical studies.

Formation and morphology of osotermas NaCl particles precipitaded al liquid-liquid interface. Comparison of the van der Vaals and Frumkin adsorption isotherms for sodium dodecyl isohermas at various salt concentration. Moisture sorption isotherms and modeling for precooked flours of pigeon pea Cajanus cajans L. Servicio de ayuda de la revista. Materials and Manufacturing Processes 23, Medina-Meza 3 and J.

Table 4 presents a summary of the results obtained for the proposed models with their respective constants and r 2 and MRPE values.

Agronomía Colombiana

Sorption isotherms and isosteric heats of sorption of whole yellow dent corn, J Food Eng. Colloid Surface A Thermodynamic considerations of water vapour sorption by horseradish roots, Le- bensm.

Role of heat treatment in the processing and quality of oat flakes. Net isosteric heat of sorption in dried fruits, J Food Eng. Journal of Lipid Research 41, Models that are available in the literature for describing moisture sorption isotherms can be divided into several categories: A common practice is to correlate the experimental data through mathematical models, which render satisfactory results in certain a w ranges and certain food types Zhang et al.