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For example, Sage found that is independent of morphology, just like we find to be independent of concentration index. The mean molecular gas fraction of the CO detections is 0. These pioneering studies constrained molecular gas properties in nearby galaxies as a function of morphology e. When multiple measurements are found for the same galaxy, the newest is assumed to supersede previous values.

We find that a 2-arcsec positional error generates a 2. The reason why so few scaling laws involving cold gas and global galaxy properties, such as masses, sizes and bulge-to-disc ratios, exist in the literature, is the difficulty in acquiring suitable data.

A significant fraction of this observed scatter can be attributed to measurement errors and inhomogeneities in the sample. Ages of asteroid families with the YORP-eye method. Our molecular fractions are smaller because our measurements are integrated over entire galaxies, but the same qualitative trend is observed for our global measurements.

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At radio wavelengths, a series of large blind H i surveys have become possible thanks to a number of new multifeed arrays. We derive aperture corrections using a set of nearby galaxies with accurate CO maps Kuno et al.

We simulate the impact of observing galaxies with the IRAM beam by taking jram of the maps, placing it at different redshifts in the range 0. Wiley-Blackwell are not responsible for the content or functionality of any supporting materials supplied by the authors.

The overall CO detection rate is 54 per cent, but our survey also uncovers the existence of sharp thresholds in galaxy structural parameters such as stellar mass surface density and concentration index, below which all galaxies have a measurable cold gas component but above which the detection rate of the CO line drops suddenly.


iarm Table 2 is published in its entirety in the electronic version of the journal see Supporting Information. Citing articles via Web of Science First, we compute for all secure detections the Pearson correlation coefficient of the relation, r. If the line is iramm, the window is set by hand to match the observed line profile. Fluxes are measured by integrating over the region identified though this process, and the flux ratio between offset and central pointings is used to determine an appropriate aperture correction for each galaxy using the technique described in Section 4.

In Sections 5 and 6 we present the first COLD GASS scaling relations, correlating molecular gas masses with global galaxy parameters including stellar mass and atomic gas mass.

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A similar threshold is observed by Catinella et al. The optical diameter from SDSS g -band imaging D 25 and the flux ratio between offset and central pointings f off are given in each case.

Gravitational stability and fragmentation ieam for discs around accreting supermassive stars. Observations for this first data release were conducted between December and October. Related articles in Web of Science Google Scholar. The models predict a significantly smaller range in than seen in the literature compilation. The conditions listed in Section 1which are required to obtain reliable scaling laws, are routinely met by optically selected samples of galaxies at a low ira.

For the rest of the sample, observations are carried out at the Iran Observatory. Oxford Irqm Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Total H i -line fluxes, velocity widths and recessional velocities are then measured using linear fitting of the edges of the H i profiles e.

SDSS three-colour image 1. The sample is selected purely according to stellar mass, and therefore provides an unbiased view of molecular gas in these systems. In other words, low-mass galaxies are given a higher weight in the computation of the mean scaling relations, because these galaxies are under-represented in the COLD GASS sample compared to a volume-limited sample.


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The stellar mass and redshift ranges also ensure that we recover the total CO line flux of the galaxies with a single pointing of the IRAM m telescope, and that a single CO luminosity to conversion factor is likely adequate. The second band is tuned to a frequency of We adopted the three-quarter beam offset as a compromise between the requirements for independent flux measures and a modest fraction of our total observing time going into off-centre pointings.

We note that the same sharp drop in cold gas content is not seen as a function of stellar mass. These are identified as outliers from the mean scaling relations.

Although ALFALFA measurements are accurate, homogeneous and unbiased, the survey is shallow, with the result that it does not probe a large dynamic uram in H i -to-stellar mass ratio for all but the very nearest galaxies. The observed trends 350 weaker than those observed by Catinella et al. Nevertheless, most of the samples did not meet all of the criteria listed above that would allow for accurate scaling laws to be derived; some samples were biased towards a particular galaxy type e.

Under good observing conditions, sensitivity to this minimum gas fraction, or an absolute minimum rms of 1. These samples are excellent for studying star formation laws within galaxies e. This result is also striking in Fig. The best-fitting linear relations are also plotted and summarized in Table 3.

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