Rasāyana, रसायन is a Sanskrit word, with the literal meaning: Path (āyana) of essence (rasa). It is a term that in early ayurvedic medicine means the science of lengthening lifespan, and in later (post 8th-century) works sometimes refers to Indian alchemy. The name of the science of Indian alchemy or proto-chemistry, is more. In Indian Alchemy Dr. Mahadihassan attempts to elucidate the point that Alchemy is a science through which the higher states of being reveal themselves with. INDIAN ALCHEMY OR RASAYANA- IN THE LIGHT OF ASCETICISM AND GERIATRICS Subsequent Edition by Mahdihassan S from Only Genuine.

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Soul was constituted of two sub-souls. Scanned by CamScanner k. Thus there is no immortality without resurrection or rebirth as in the legend of Phoenix. After his resurrection Jesus could be seen all over as though space did not exist. The family pedigree has to be seen vertically and hori- zontally to realize it as a complete whole.

Full text of “Indian Alchemy Or Rasayana By S. Mahdihassan”

A human hermaphrodite is rasayan be fed with nutritious food to make the creature sufficiently fat. Rasayana therapy enriches rasa with nutrients to help one attain longevity, memory, intelligence, health, youthfulness, excellence of luster, complexion and voice, optimum development of physique and sense organs, mastery over phonetics, respectability and brilliance.

Once Animism offered a theory be it ever so vague, evergreen plants, for example, were conceived as very rich in soul-content and thus more powerful than others, and a theoretical background was offered which gave rise to herbalism. The Upanishads have described this phenomenon stating that the rsayana created the Universe and then entered into it. When we have answers to these inquiries we would automatically learn, 5. None of the works by Indian authors are easily accessible in Western libraries; Meulenbeld and White are available through university research libraries.

Thus the legend confirms the belief in a gold-making herb, the carrier of a go making juice Kimiya and the plant incorporate Redness as the active principle, best appreciate a. Comparative pharmacology of energizers. Scanned by CamScanner d r. The shepherd sensed the danger and instead managed to throw the ascetic into the fire when he turned into a figure of gold.


Title: Indian Alchemy

What I do wish to emphasize is the incorporation of human blood in Momiyai, correctly recorded rssayana Alberuni, though the source was legendary but it is confirmed by Rasayans. That is why the alchemist wanted to make gold and only live-gold or Ferment-gold.

Likewise when the alchemist has changed a base metal, say once into silver, and on another ro sion into gold, alchfmy has produced in the latter case a superior drug. Thus future life starts with the union of opposites and incubation is a condition incidental to the cause. But if we now look into the histories of alchemy, they treat alchemy like a foundling picked up in some workshop at Alexandria. The item of primary impor- ance is a reducible substance. In a Sanskrit text quoted p.

Max Muller has shown how the kitchen- fire of the nomad Aryans finally became the powerful god Agni of Vedic religion. Now what is a hermaphrodite by constitution is a ferment by function. He therefore became the rejuvenator-general which means he further became immortalizer and resurrector, for Rejuvenation, Immortality and Resurrection are the same, to have one is to have the others.

But it is also obvious that if depleted stock of iron is to be replaced reducing sub- stances have also to be supplemented; iron which cannot be reduced is no iron and would be excreted. This fat is very efficacious infian instantly healing wounds and cuts in animal bodies.

The book was also was self-explanatory and it did not have as many Indian words, which helped to make it a useful source. Mahdihassan is the work of a highly cultivated dilettante.

Rasayana as Shiva, the resurrect or, in the Hindu Trinity. What becomes mu ip -J Scanned by CamScanner 1 30 or reproductive we call creative because it b impressive. It is this stage then that deserves the remark of Sir P. Should my attitude appear hyper-criticathat we nevertheless know more a ou alchemy lhan that of any other. By now we should recapitulate the important points discussed. Here we have the right indications: Indina met a bogus master of alchemy.


As his ibdian he wears in fig.

Sufi 32 writing in seems to agree with Levi. Moreover the serpent can rejuvenate itself and remain immortal which explains its alcheemy in Southern India by the Shivites and by ancient Egyptians and many others the world over. Soma plant was used to furnish a drink of immortality; it was used also as the agency of re- surrection to be interned with the dead.

Who founded it, and 4.

Let us here consider the juice Soma. Tantric alchemy is a very complex and a well-established tradition in India. The agency he con- ceived as leading to rejuvenation was a drug which it- self can be imagined as having been juvenated, and transformed if not also resurrected.

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. If a metal is killed by heat and revived, the vehicle remains corporeal as before. We should not be surprised then if Alberuni speaks of it as a well-recognized system in ndia, and overlooks alchemy and mercurials as medicine or even gold-making.

We have seen how a gold-making herb was used while rehearsing an experi- ment in gold synthesis. In contrast to an intoxicant and a rasayaa, an energizer, as Moser testi- fies, after taking it myself late that night I was still awake”.

Indian Alchemy or Rasayana : In the Light of Asceticism and Geriatrics

University of Chicago Press, When the units multiply parts remain mutually related and their integration Scanned by CamScanner dr. When the cinnabar has” been! This qualifies it as a panacea. Ohar 30 have stated the same almost using his very words.

Briefly, putrefaction is growth starting with dissolution indiam previous elements and re-synthesis of micro-elements into macro- fractions, then into tissues and organs which develop as a whole into a chicken. Ayurvedic Herbs of Rejuvenation and Longevity.