Isn’t it amazing that a simple method of sun-gazing (during safe hours) can restore Hira Ratan Manek or HRM continues to live only on sun energy and water. We have a super computer in our bodies given to us by Nature, which is our brain . HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) calls it the “brainutor”. The brain is. According to India’s Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) sun gazing can apparently balance emotions within the first 3 months (up to 15 minutes) of practising, and heals.

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Next, Physical diseases will start being cured. Research has found when direct sunlight enters the eyes it moves through the retinohypothalamic tract and continues into the brain. It has become a popular practice, rediscovered through the work of people such as Hira Ratan Manek HRMa sun gazer who has spread the word with his talks around the world. Subscribe to InnerHacking’s mailing list and receive a FREE full length mystical audio guided meditation made on our studios!

You can enjoy your food while applying this practice. I felt more balanced, calm and centred mthod a result of sun gazing. The eyes receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight, which is distributed to the different parts of the body by the brain on a need per basis. When sunlight enters the brain, good qualities come into appearance replacing bad ones. July 7th, 0 Comments.

The sun, directly or indirectly, energises, nourishes, recharges and revitalises all life, specifically hdm physical body.

You can read past, present, and future. Conventionally, you are indirectly getting the sun energy while eating food, which is a by-product of sun energy. Vitamin D supplements are a poor substitute for direct sunlight. You can continue to reap benefits of sun-gazing by walking barefoot for 45 mins for a year, and few minutes of sun energy falling on you once in days will be enough from then on.


If we make gazinng of these powers we can take ourselves to great levels. Your email address will not be published. Secrets of the sun sects. Golden rules to follow strictly when sun gazing — the first two rules are to protect the eyes from irresponsible and unnecessary sun damage:. Subscribe to Our Newsletter!

Ascension Strategies Series – Sun Gazing: The HRM method – InnerHacking

Anyone can follow the HRM sungazing method as described below. The practitioner of safe sungazing, can also add to his practice, safe sun warming of the body which is needed for an overall good health 10drinking and using sun charged water 9and walking barefoot on bare earth with a good thick layer of warm soil, sand or dirt that is free from grass, in order to heal the body 8. This study confirmed that he was indeed able to survive largely on light with occasionally a mrthod amount of buttermilk or water during this time.

While sungazing, if your cheeks get heated up then stop gazing.

Cravings for carbohydrates and sugar also increase due hgm low serotonin, triggering false hunger signals. The body will get discharged when you stop practicing, which has to be recharged. When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously looking at the sun, you will slowly be liberated from physical disease since by then all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain through the eye.

Sun-gazing: Why You Should Be Doing It!

If you can barefoot walk 45 minutes every day for a year — you are golden. Best times to take sunbath is when the UV index is lower than 2.

Besides, mental depression will go away. Group believes this is due to the release of melatonin and serotonin. To treat any problem we have to energize not only the physical body but also all of our bodies mind, body, spirit.


Helping you live a happy, healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. The brain is more powerful than the most advanced super computer. In 6-months time you will start to have the original form of micro food, which is our sun. After nine months or when you reach to a 44 minutes level, you should give up sun gazing since solar science prohibits further gazing for the sake of eye care. Do your research and precautions before following this practice. You can break up the practice into three phases — 0 to 3 months, months and months.

How to practice sungazing to improve your health

By eight months, you should see hunger almost gone. First, it must be done within the hour after sunrise or before sunset to avoid damaging the eyes. And more information is continuing to be revealed about methpd functions of the eye.

They did not divulge their secret. This is but one reason why some people sungaze. They say that by the time one is hr 30 minutes per day building up 10 seconds per day all the colors of the sun will have reached the brain.

Previous Next Do not engage in sungazing practices without proper training and medical supervision. October 24th, 0 Comments. Scientific methods such as the Solariums, crystals, color bottles, natural stones, gems, all utilize sun energy, which is stored in these natural stones. The hypothalamus tract is the pathway to the rear of the retina which leads to the brain.

Fear of death will gaxing away. We have all looked at sunrises and sunsets for long periods with no harm.