Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Shuttle Sceadu SCEADU MANUAL Ask question. Description. SCEADU MANUAL. Browse this category: Shuttle Sceadu . Categories Parts fuel Parts Hirobo Sceadu Evolution SCEADU SWM INSTRUCTION MANUAL MANUAL. Browse this category: Sceadu Evolution. Beyond Sceadu!! SDX 50HPM kit. This swashplate accepts 90°HPM,. °SWM, and °SWM linkage for all Hirobo 50/90 size models.

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SCEADU MANUAL – Hirobo – Feel the Heart

Metric Allen Wrenches or Drivers. Also make sure the 4 tank isolators are in the divots in the fuel tank. The hirobi response was crisp with the MAH carbon tail blades and the piro rate surprisingly fast considering the solid tail fin. Main Frame is capable of handling standard collective pitch controls or Hirobo’s SWM swash mode deg. If you are going amnual remove paddle weight start by taking out the lead weights.

Also the horizontal fin brace has a top and bottom and the bottom is angled where the boom supports attach, see the illustration in the manual.


The part number for the 32mm screws is and the nuts are Final adjustment is made after first flights. Sceadu review – Review of early version by unknown reviewer EVO 50 later version A few minor changes were later made to the EVO; the rotor manial was changed to the FZ-IV, featuring a machined aluminium centre block and had the flexibility to be configured to meet pilot’s proficiency level.


A belt driven tail utilizing a lower friction belt is standard equipment. This bag isn’t labeled as step 5, but it’s the one that contains the black drive belt as noted in the instructions. New heavier duty blade grips with a 4mm blade bolt are standard for the ultimate in reliability. Make sure they are seated so the face is flush with the flybar control arm. New Integrated easily accessible switch mount capable of handling all switch sizes.

You could also use a pair of channel lock pliers or hiobo suitable tool but make sure whatever you use pushes against the pin nice and straight. They are very soft and with the centrifugal force created by the rotor system the weight migrates to the end of the lead stick and it makes removal quite a chore.

While the high mnaual helps keep the tail rotor out of the dirt, I think wider sturdy skid struts would go a long way to helping prevent a tip over. When the throttle stick is at its lowest point and Switch B is flipped down, the motor will shut off.

Delrin crank lock and homemade fan tool. If you’ve built a helicopter or two, the EVO should present no problems. You want to hiroboo sure you have equal throttle end points.


You will save time if you remove the entire carburetor. If your radio supports different trim for each flight mode and the rudder trim is different between normal, where you initialize the gyro, and idle up, then the light will begin to double flash and you will get a drift in flight when you change flight modes. Stabilizer Blades feature adjustable weights and are secured to the flybar with dual set screws. It’s been a goto veh Slider is dual ball bearing supported with “a” links to a ball joint on the tail blade holder.


Tail boom ready to install. If you find your end point much overmove the ball out one hole and start over. Grease the radial bearings with the greaser if you have one and grease the thrust bearing.

To further help you finish your model, visit our website at www.

New larger Bearing are used to support the collective lever system for complete “slop” free smooth control for any flight envelope. They fit the screws much better than a standard Phillips screwdriver and will save you much frustration. This is one area that it pays to check large egos at the flying field gate.

Main shaft and auto hub. Measure from the center of the throttle arm to the center of the servo spline.