Documento de consenso sobre el tratamiento de la ascitis, la hiponatremia la hiponatremia dilucional y el síndrome hepatorrenal en la cirrosis hepática. Hiponatremia y síndrome de secreción inadecuada de ADH (SIADH) En la hiponatremia dilucional o hipervolémica la concentración sérica de sodio está. INCIDENCIA DE HIPONATREMIA DILUCIONAL Y SINDROME POST RESECCIÓN TRANSURETRAL DURANTE LA RESECCIÓN.

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Serum sodium predicts mortality in patients listed for liver transplantation. Prognostic value of arterial pressure, endogenous vasoactive systems, and renal function in cirrhotic patients admitted to the hospital for the treatment of ascites. In dilutional or hypervolemic hyponatremia, serum sodium concentration is reduced, plasma volume is increased although the effective plasma volume is decreased due to marked arterial vasodilation in the splanchnic circulation and extracellular fluid volume is increased, with ascites and edema in dilufional absence of signs of dehydration.

Am J Gastroenterol, 94pp. A European survey on the treatment of ascites in cirrhosis. Randomized trial comparing albumin, dextran 70, and polygeline in cirrhotic patients with ascites treated by paracentesis.


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Persistent ascites and low serum sodium identify patients with cirrhosis and low MELD scores who are at high risk for early death. Ann Intern Med,pp. Renal sodium retention during upright posture in preascitic cirrhosis. The Kidney, 5th ed.

Hiponatremia dilucional y trasplante hepático: Revisión

Hepatology, 44pp. Patient survival time following transplantation is excellent.

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Discrimination between malignant and nonmalignant ascites using serum and ascitic fluid proteins in a multivariate analysis model. J Hepatol, 25pp. Comparison of the prognostic value of Chronic Liver Failure Ascitic fluid carcinoembryonic antigen and alkaline phosphatase levels for the differentiation of primary from secondary bacterial peritonitis with intestinal perforation.

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Translation of “dilucional” in English

Terlipressin therapy with and without albumin for patients with hepatorenal syndrome: A vasopressin receptor antagonist VPA improves serum sodium concentration in patients with hyponatremia: Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol. Peripheral arterial vasodilation hypothesis — a proposal for the initiation of renal sodium and water-retention in cirrhosis.

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A randomized double-blind trial of spironolactone versus placebo. Ascites and renal functional abnormalities in cirrhosis. A model to predict poor survival in patients undergoing transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts.

Continuing navigation will be hiponattemia as acceptance of this use. Hepatology, 37pp.