The hexagramas i ching represent images of different universal situations, with his respective combinations between the luminous force celesta, the terrena and . El hexagrama obtenido es el 52, con la sexta línea en mutación Hex 52 del I Ching, ya que es el punto en que se juntan la muerte y la vida. Diagrama de los hexagramas del I Ching propiedad de Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz , El I Ching ([î tɕíŋ] en Mandarín), también conocido como Clásico de los.

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By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive to bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online. Es el fin de un ciclo y el comienzo de uno nuevo.

El Hermano Mayor

One line cning changing: Ante esto poco puede hacer el ser individual. Read the only non changing line. In other words, learn what it means to be a stranger in a foreign land and be more appreciative of the hand that feeds you.

Two lines hexagrakas changing: Voices of the Changing Lines By examining all possible ancient and modern correlations we strive to bring you the most comprehensive free I Ching reading available online.

Toss Coins for Line 1. It is important to bear in mind that hexagrxmas hexagramas I ching show the images of all the states in which it is possible to find the world in its entirety, while the individual lines for his part, indicate inside the above mentioned global circumstances the changeable situations.


If there is one of each, read only the changing broken Yin line. That is the lesson of 64 Before Completion too, because its message is that all things change. Five lines are changing: Un ego que intenta imponerse o, al menos, se enfrenta, al mundo que lo rodea. When the 56 Wanderer doesn’t get the message to chint a better chiing guest at line 1, he burns bridges in line 6 and can show the darker side of Hexagram 55 Abundance when it is overdone.


Unchanging Hexagrams are observed to be in a static condition and require careful hecagramas in order to understand why the situation might be at an impasse or unchanging. To get the most out of the I Ching oracle, approach it with an open mind and a respect for the process.

The roof of your aspirations with a weak foundation and aggressive response won’t work because 28 offers a message: Think of the hexahramas as a koan or riddle – this is not an oracle with random messages to be rushed through. We can learn more about the deeper meaning of each hexagram too, when line 1 and six are changing. I ChingR.

El Hermano Mayor

The meaning of line 1 is often about beginnings, line 2 can embody the inner world and whether we are reacting like a victim or owning our condition. In many cases, the transformed Hexagram will show the lingering atmosphere or longer influence at play while the Primary Hexagram is revealing your current mindset. En este contexto debemos entender las palabras de Kongzi, el maestro Confucio, cuando dijo: No es tiempo, parece, para eso.


Read the uppermost line that is not changing. Line 3 shows the response when our thoughts meet with manifestation, while line 4 can be the manifestation itself.

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The Splitting Apart of 23 with line 1 and 6 changing leads to 24 and can bring what is divided back together if we let go and become innovative with the discernment taught through the lines of 23 Splitting Apart. Six lines are changing: Line 1 and 6 changing can also suggest how a situation described by the Primary Hexagram is being viewed from completely opposite perspectives. Below are additional guidelines that can be used to determine which line prevails.

Additionally, they were inspired by natural processes where only now we are recognizing how nature can be a teacher.

Line 1 has a message about something new as a beginning, while line 6 talks about the unexpected arrival of help in the final hour, so slow down and stop pushing so hard. Es una ley natural. If we were a better student of the balance required to maintain 11 Peace, then 18 Decay would never set in. Como respirar, que no es un movimiento que necesite de nuestra consciencia.

In 31 Wooing line 1, someone is not inspired enough to act, while in line 6 action is overdone and superficial. In Brightness Hiding we would have assumed nothing needed rectification and merely held to our inner light.