Gita Govindam, lyrical poetry in Sanskrit celebrating the love between Krishna and the gopis, specifically Radha, is authored by Jayadeva, the. Gita Govindam with a Sanskrit Commentary (In Sanskrit Only). Item Code: NAD Cover: Hardcover. Edition: Publisher: Rashtiya Sanskrit Vidyapeeth. Gita Govindam In Sanskrit / Hindi: Source 1: | PDF Link| Text Link Source 2: | PDF Link| Text Link.

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Thus instructed by Kirshna she goes back to Radha and tells her: Krishna embraces a gopikisses another, gladdens yet another, looks at another with a beautiful smile and follows another pretty one. A assuming the form of Kalki at the end of Kali yugaO, keshava, you will be brandishing a comet like sword to eliminate the groups of fractious races, and unimaginable are your horrendous deeds to detail, hence oh, Hari, you are the Almighty of worlds, thus hail to thee According to water management, he changed the course of her flow by digging a mammoth tunnel with his forceful plough for irrigation purposes.

He is competent to relieve the Earth of her load. Very speed and fine. Spring is the selfless friend of the young. Assuming the form of a wild boar, Oh, Keshava, you lifted up the sinking earth with your snout, but stuck and lodged on the edge of your otherwise blemishless fangs, she looked more like the blemish embedded on the otherwise blemishless moon, yet you, as an eternal sustainer of earth, allowed her to abide and spin there, whereof oh, Hari, you are the Almighty of worlds, hail to thee Here lakSmii, the personified fortune, is abiding in the lotus like heart of Vishnu, say Krishna, thus undifferentiated are the chests, either as that of a male or as the bust of a female.

It is spring time and Radha of tender limbs like the flowers of the spring season is worried, tormented as she is by love-fever. Notable English translations are: The aesthetic experience became a religious one, a state of total absorption in, devotion to and enjoyment of Krishna. Each and every book arrived in perfect shape–thanks to the extreme care you all took in double-boxing them and using very strong boxes.

Since the first English translation of the Gita Govinda by Sir William Jones inwhere Kalinga ancient Odisha is referred to as the origin of the text. And if Krishna endorses his work, this will be as good as canonised by him, so that this work will become a valid devotional song. The poem can be dated to the twelfth century and was almost certainly written in north-eastern India, as it shows familiarity with Jagannath sects in Orissa and mentions fellow poets at the court of the last Hindu ruler in Bengal, Maharaja Laksmanasena AD Literary Matters Jayadeva brought song into classical Sanskrit verse, and developed the association with a beauty not easily matched in English.


Half of that number The invocation is in next verse. Victory to you, O. The gods do not come into physical contact with earth and earthlings. But here Goddess lakSmii is the Supreme Mother and she has Divine mammae, and let millions and millions take birth, she can feed them, indefatigably. He incarnates himself on earth to save people from the torture imposed by certain negative forces.

In the darkness you look at the path with apprehension. All emails will be sent by Exotic India using the email address info exoticindia. This dancing in a circle, a ronde dance as we call it, in itself is a particular dance, by the singing of many milkmaids to the fluting of one Krishna.

This is the idea of gita govindam. Verify the characters on the left. The work delineates the love of Krishna for Radha, the milkmaid, his faithlessness and subsequent return to her, and is taken as symbolical of the human soul’s straying from its true allegiance but returning at length to the God which created it.


A parable is said about this verse. She is said to be shrita whorled around him like a climbing plant onto a tree. He considers lucky even a particle of dust which has touched your body and is carried in the breeze.

Observing that toe as his father Vishnu’s toe, Brahma anoints it with sacred waters. In spite of the many kinds of love, which in Greek are designated as philia friendshiperos aspiration toward valueand epithymia desirein addition to agape, Theo.


The book contains a foreword by John Stratton Hawley and includes extensive commentary on the verse and topic of the govinda. By subscribing, you will receive our email newsletters and product updates, no more than govinfam a month.

May this bestow auspiciousness and fame on those who hear this. According to the saying vanita, kavita, lata, na aashrayam vinaa shobhate a maid, poetry, or a tendril cannot possibly outshine themselves, with not a leg to stand on.

The cooing of Kokila s is a bother to estranged couple, yet they are singing in fifth octave pancama svara only to intensify the troubles of such couples.


So, let us hail him. This is a publication of Kalakshetra Publications, Madras As a brave and bold enemy subjugator, Rama is depicted as releaser from mortality, by releasing demon Dushana from mortality which is kaaruNya bhaava; by mollifying the self conceit of Ravana, his taaruNya bhaava are indicated. You took the form of a man-lion with huge sharp nails in your lotus-hands by which you tore down the demon Hiranyakashipu like a honey-bee in a lotus flower.

National Museum, New Delhi. Krishna has applied sandal paste on sansirit dark blue body, is clothed in bright yellow and wears a garland of forest flowers.

Gita Govindam –

She had to undergo her historical ordeal, put to test by Govincam. Museum and Art Gallery Chandigarh. Based on your browsing history. The word Keshava is a formation of ka iisha va where kaH is Brahma; iisha is Shiva; va born from Vishnu; ka iti brahmaNo nAma eSo aham sarva dehinaam avaam ta ange sambhuutau tasmaat keshavo naamavaan nirukta bhaaSyam.

Lassen in Bonn Jiggling on the intertwines of jasmine tendrils full with just bloomed jasmines, the springtime yovindam is disseminating their pollen, like the sprays of perfumed powder sprinkled in springtime colourful plays called holika mahotsavamsay holi ; while rambling so, it is even disseminating the fragrance of ketaki flowers, in league with that of jasmines, rendering whole woodlands fragrant; moreover this breeze, though a coolant fragrance carrier, it has become as if the life gert of Love god, and now it is forcefully burning the hearts of estranged couples, indeed The text also elaborates the eight moods of Heroine, the Ashta Nayikawhich has been an inspiration for many compositions and choreographic works in Indian classical dances.

Wonderful items fovindam service! Tovindam my third order and i’m very pleased with you. The expression yamunaa kuule would have been sufficient for Yamuna riverbank. That is for devotees of nirguNa brahma and this ‘ bhaagavata devotion’ culminates only when upacaaraa s ‘devotional offerings’ are offered, and the singing and dancing are the end part of any worship. The poem combines the sweetness of the experiences described, the poetry itself, and the joy that devotees find in relishing Krishna through the text.