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Robert and Belinda’s romance took off kind of slow, but it was pretty hot – which I guess I should have expected. View all 31 comments. At some moments Belinda was quite and the “perfect wife” other moments she was a broken doll, sfductora then there were still sometimes that she was a headstrong female.

Seductora inocencia/ The Duke : Gaelen Foley :

And Belinda just takes it gaelsn in with a brittle smile and a lump in her throat. Which I found very fitting and relaxing instead of having the story dragged down with to much info. They help each other come out of their shells, they make each other happy, and they heal each other. So despite the choices that Belinda made, I really liked her from the first and wanted the best seducyora her – and kept wondering, how is this ever going to work out? I do not care if the heroine is a courtesan.

Seductora inocencia/ The Duke

He’d have flashes where he’d seem more lifelike–admitting that even though he lusted after her, he still looked down on her for her profession or being appalled at the thought that someone who thought it was okay to become a courtesan had taught his little sister–but then would lose it again. I like him well enough to start. Guess whose name pops up as the evil doer? Sospecha que fue asesinada y quiere desenmascarar al asesino, a cualquier precio.

As a male of high ranking societal status, with too much power and influence, but lacking the integrity to use them responsibly, Dolph sets out to destroy Belinda. I have read this series before.


In most stories the ugliness of the past that caused a character to go the wrong way is just that – in the past. Sesuctora heard that this book was angsty. Rob has been secretly set up to do some manhunting, although he has no idea it was all set up.

Bel is one of the strongest females I’ve read about in historical romance, she has overcome many obstacles onocencia remains tenderhearted underneath. Hawkscliffe and Bel ally themselves in order sedyctora gain revenge on a common enemy. The Duke – Robert – is 35 years old, never married, has four younger brothers and one sister, who he has been very helpful in raising.

Robert doesn’t want to marry her, he can’t! Then, as you know from the blurb, they make a deal and their relationship is “fake” but it’s actually very real. Books by Gaelen Foley.

Seductora inocencia

Es entonces cuando propone a Robert que vengue la muerte de su esposa matando a Dolph una vez confiese que ha asesinado a su esposa. I must say the courtesan theme is not what bothers me. Bel’s inner struggle with accepting it and Robert’s fear that she would leave him when he married was well done.

Even with the issues, the overall story and character motivations just did nothing for me. It was instant attraction, but the love grew steadily, and very believably throughout the novel!

Published by Circulo de Lectores. It was so easy to read, the words just seemed to flow and I was engrossed by the story Considering what she is, and what she demanded of him in the end, knowing that it would RUIN him completely There is also Belinda’s refusal to judge her father for his crappy financial non management inoceencia yeah, right.

Most of the time if seductoar isn’t still a virgin she is so inexperienced she might as well be.


It doesn’t even give him pause. Watching him fall in love very much in spite of himselfprofess his love, then make some really bad decisions based on what he thinks he should do rather than what he wants to do, is wrenching.

Seductora inocencia (Miscelánea Knight, #1) by Gaelen Foley (2 star ratings)

It was a big disappointment because it took him a little too long to realize what was in front of his face and how wrong he was. You must stay forever. Her father was in debtor’s prison and she couldn’t earn doley money to take care of both of them. So I have a hard time believing he would have installed his mistress in his home or have taken her to spend time with his family members in the country! She cuddled up with him and rubbed his head and even gave him head but still was terrified of sex when the plot called for it.

Debolsillo December 30, Language: For a book that seemed to have at least some historical research behind it, judging by the afterword, I felt like Ms. But I do not care for the story, much to my dismay.

Shopbop Designer Fashion Seductora inocencia gaelen foley. There is this moment in the beginning that really caught me unprepared. Also, I kept noticing a lot of odd grammatical errors and awkward sentence structuring in this.

He didn’t deserve the heroine. So despite feeling uncomfortable with seductoea premise, I got right into it and can say I am now a devoted Gaelen Foley fan!

Someway, somehow she managed to take a theme that I’m not in love with and write a beautiful love story that I will treasure for a long time.