: Foscam FIW Pan & Tilt IP/Network Camera with Two-Way Audio and Night Vision (Black): Surveillance Cameras: Camera & Photo. Buy Foscam FIW Wireless IP Camera (Black) featuring MP CMOS Sensor, x Resolution Glass IR mm f/ Lens. Review Foscam FIW. Foscam FIW features high quality video, wireless connectivity and night vision. Quick and easy set up with device streaming and instant notifications.

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You probably are, so repeat step 3 and make sure you can connect into the Device Management tab wirelessly before going to step 5. The biggest improvement is definitely with the audio – both the microphone and the speaker. How to set up No-IP.

Foscam FI8910W – network surveillance camera

It took me about an hour to setup but if I did one now it would take 5 mins. I assigned port to camera 2 remember to fpscam away from port 80, as mentioned above and then copied all the settings from camera 1 to camera 2 in the DDNS Server settings and Mail Service Settings menu except port number, obviously. The technical support guy Ricky was very helpful in getting my camera to work wired, wirelessly and through the internet remotely.

The camera, although I just bought it this week, appears to be a good camera. We are impressed by the smooth mechanical rotation, the good video quality and the “value” of the camera for the cost. I hate when people post bad reviews of things that they should not have purchased in the first place!!! I have one mounted in a detached garage 75 feet from my house. All camera functionality works great with it, including sound and two-way communication.

Bought this FW camera for wireless use. Then configure the Ethernet static IP address settings. I purchased this camera to mainly be a video monitor for our baby and I’m already thinking about getting a couple more for ffoscam surveillance.

Email notifications also include snapshots of when motion was detected.


Guide to Port Forwarding — Netgear Routers. You have zero argument with the judge when video playback shows you fsocam the act. Foscam is compatible with Dropbox, Sensr. I’ve been in IT and dealt with tech companies large and small for over 40 years.

If you are interested in exchanging your Foscam camera for an Amcrest camera, we can offer you a loyalty discount, even if you are out of warranty. There was about a 20 minute phone wait, focam after about 30 additional minutes both foscaam my cameras were set up! I didn’t need anything expensive or high quality, as I’m not guarding the crown jewels. After a complicated setup I was able to view this ip Camera remotely and control it via Droid phone.

Setup was a breeze, I didn’t even install the software since you log into it through your browser assuming your have a modicum of IT knowledge, plugging into a DHCP enabled router and discovering what the device IP is pretty simple.

I got this so I could watch my home from my iPhone while away from home. It works well within limits, but I can’t get it to successfully send a message to my wife’s Gmail account even though it foscxm one to mine. Pic is clear day and night although the color is a little weak, however it does have auto iris control which is great cuz it adjusts instantly to bright light or shade. It is priced at a reasonable level.

Setting up these cameras was a real pain and I’ve built many computers and set up countless wireless devices. Its really cool to click an icon on my smart phone and see my entire house in live view. Tech support has, either not been able to fix it, or doesn’t care, but at least once a day sometimes more, the cameras will reboot. Nothing to spectacular and I honestly didn’t play around with it all that much. This camera is a high quality device and provides excellent video and sound control.

Turned out the D-link had a severe lag when using the d-link app and seemed very buggy so I got the foscam. I am in a rural area with NO wifi anywhere near. With their help I was able to fix the issue and i am very satisfied.


My key disappointment is how difficult it is to set up for remote monitoring. He sent me an email with a link to click on so that he could remote in to my PC. My camera is used to monitor an elderly relative, and sometimes she can be seen fpscam undressed.

The night vision was great, Fosczm a large foscan and very low light I was able to pick up everything in its line of sight very clearly. I moved home to Iowa after getting out of the Army to give birth to my fodcam, but his father is still stationed in New York, so with this in the baby’s room he can peek in any time he wants.

The manufacturers website has a forum with answers to questions like this. The FI was my first choice and it was the best choice. Finding the cameras ip was the hardest to figure out on a Mac. We have been offering telephone support, US local warranty and building the Foscam brand in the US for the past 7 years.

ZoneMinder Wiki – Wiki – Foscam FIW

I thank him for his patience in helping me get set up. Seting up wireless was easy. I use this camera everyday to see my baby. Overall the camera is great. Technician was knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, and professional. It isand the engineers writing the software for this thing are still back in the 80’s. Anzen was very nice and knew exactly how to help.

The smartest video doorbell around.

No tweaking of these settings in the software increased its 890. The advantages of the Foscam are: A new app came out call Foscam Pro. Wish I would of gotten this one when my son was born instead of a Baby Monitor that was overpriced just because it was labeled a baby monitor.