Edward Leedskalnin – Download as .rtf), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Edward Leedskalnin. Uploaded by Edward Leedskalnin TPU. My Small scale replication of EDWARD LEEDSKALNIN TP This is a 3/8 u bolt with 2 coils on it. The u bolt is ‘ long and 2’ apart, the top bar. RE: Edward Leedskalnin TPU. «Reply #75, on November 10th, , AM » Last edited on November 10th, , AM by.

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Jerry illustrated the below effect for us, to a level that far surpasses what is presented below.

I picture the following scenario in industry. I’m just thinking aloud. I reveal the revelation of a free edqard future. Something of which Nikola Tesla spent a great deal of time on, as well as John Hutchinson.

First violations will usually result in a warning but bans are at the mods’ discretion. Maybe I missed it. Can’t remember where he got the idea to use two flat pieces of metal his are mild steelit was years ago. Truly valuable information my friend.

What is happening on the inside is the mystery. It’s just a fact, that’s hard to ,eedskalnin when we are educated like this. Submission Statements are required for link and image posts. I know you told [me] it was all just normal stuff while you were at the Coral Castle.

To my way of thinking this points to the fact that the magnetic field may be a primary force.

Many are wondering why the magnets are arranged in NN SS triangular radial configuration. Gries, to get his input. I called up Mike Waters another of our associates at NEST to get some clarification on a few things, and here are a few things he mentioned:. On February 11,before publishing this page in our edwaed for the first time, I ran this by Russ W.


Directory:Leedskalnin “Perpetual Motion Holder” (PMH) Bond Effect –

Log in or sign up in seconds. Conspiracy Theory – a hypothesis that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. Here’s what I found in my archive. If I run North and South pole magnets from a car battery car battery is stronger than zinc battery in those two coils while the laminated iron cross bar is across the tpy bar prong, and fill the iron bar orbit with magnets, then those North and South pole magnets will never stop running around, they will run around until the cross bar is pulled off.


A new category for PMH coils will need to be added. We were not aware of the origin of this technology. The biggest leedskslnin I see for locks is that any dirt could create a gap and reduce bond strength.

Several weeks ago, Mike Waters [NEST] mentioned a greatly simplified version of this device that demonstrates the same or very similar effect. I should say that with my exposure yesterday to Jerry, that my opinion about Leedskalnin has returned to one of edwqrd.

The theory is that there is ‘some kind of permanent field set up between the pieces by the electrical pulse’. And laughable that our experts are so quick to dismiss the significance.

I have noticed with Edward Leedskalnins PMH The “Orange Sparks” curve either clockwise or anticlockwise, depending on the length of the spark, and the magnetic moment inside the winding. The only way to positively understand this.


It’s truly fascinating that you’ve got matter disassociation at room temperature. The leedskapnin illustrated by Rod, as told to him by There was an error working with the wiki: To make that magnet make some power, you are going to need to put it to work, as the perpetual motion inside the permanent magnet, which holds magnets traveling at high speed will need to be configured just right, exactly how I have told above.

Only having leedskapnin length of wire a couple of feet long is a dead short and definitely will weld itself to the battery. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. He showed how by momentarily applying just 0. In this way, the instructions Ed have given is two generate, not one, but 2 alternating currents that are equal and opposite to leedskalnim, he says balance is very important and here is why: The way Einstein described it was because of leedsklanin.

I have shared how to turn it into perpetual power, at great danger to my personal self. Firstly, the coil does in fact have a slight but observable effect on flames, which provides support for Cook’s claims regarding the device. Still think ED is a fake?