The Empire Of “The City” (World Superstate) The Years of Power Politics of the Modern Era by Edwin C. Knuth The Five Ideologies of Space and Power 1. The Empire of the City has 12 ratings and 1 review. James said: riveting The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power E.C. Knuth. E.C. Knuth is the author of The Empire of the City ( avg rating, 12 ratings, 1 review, published ).

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These words written in by a Liberal Britisher about Britain apply with surprising exactness to the extent of the understanding and knowledge of the average American citizen as to why the United States is at war 30 years later.

Surprised and frightened Britain now turned to the Concert of Europe, which she had heretofore flouted, for assistance. Williams, the commander of the Asiatic fleet to join them in shelling Nanking, the capital of the leader of the rebellion, General Chiang Kai-shek. In the Conservatives were back in power and with them the period of incubation for empiire next ckty war was under way. Congress with the intention of alerting Senators to the machinations of the power behind the throne of international Finance.

The Treaty tbe the true aims of the Allies.

The Empire of the City : The Jekyll/Hyde Nature of the British Empire

Wilson any particulars or details of the secret treaties as he had promised, so that Mr. The bombardment was made the subject of a message of congratulation to the naval authority by H. It is an interesting coincidence that Theodore Roosevelt proposed the nomination of John Hays Hammond for vice-president of the United States on the Republican ticket of Depew guilelessly admits his significant conversation with Lord Nathan Rothschild over 25 years later when it apparently no longer has any current interest, and then this renowned after-dinner story teller and revered Pilgrim founder goes on to repeat the fable of why our war with Spain which is now accepted American “History.

Of the part played by Britain in the conflict of with Russia which followed their agreement of August 31,to divide Persia between themselves, and which added much to the misery and poverty of the people of Persia, Mr.

The Empire of the City : E C Knuth :

Laski said of this man in the New Republic that he was “for a generation the unnamed member of Cabinet after Cabinet, indispensable to them all and tbe responsible to any.

Trouble immediately centered in nearby Morocco, an independent empire which was occupied by the French in accord with the treaty with Britain.

Nicholas Murray Butler stated in an address delivered Sept. To impress upon the Chinese the utter dissolution of their national entity, the soldiers of all nations citu marched through their “Forbidden City,” thus desecrating their holy of holies. That the nature of this strange bank is actually that of a secret holding company of colossal size is indicated by a reference in “England’s Money Lords Tory M. No trivia or quizzes yet.


In this epoch of war upon which the Empire is about to enter, hopes of peace are futile;” At the heart of this history of roughly years of Imperialist conspiracy rests the Crown Corporation Of The City Of London, effectively a separate financial nation state, nestled in the Square Mile at the heart of Britain’s capital, and seemingly impervious to the laws of the United Kingdom, and International Law.

All of them have been the victims of recurrent British repression. To levy war against the King in his realm is treason, and this provision has been tje to extend to cases of riot for various purposes.

Furthermore, the German Navy of this period was larger than that of America, as were also the navies of France and Russia. It can be said to form a major book of the Internationlist “Bible”, and is one of the very few works on Internationalism that treats this usually deliberately distorted subject with scholarly candor, being particularly designed for the enlightenment of the elect.

Trivia About The Empire of the Since that time there had been a succession of uprisings of the Chinese Nationalists to throw off this yoke. To ask other readers questions about The Empire of the Cityplease sign up.

Lloyd George Coalition Conservative majority A.

In accordance with the established tradition of the British-French financial oligarchy never to accept anything short of unconditional surrender, the French government demanded in addition an abject personal apology from King William I of Prussia on July 14, Conclusion 98 Index “I know of no way of judging of the future but by the past.

The election of removed America from the British Balance of Power, for the succeeding Republican administrations were true to their trust and mandate, and this country did not re-enter a British alliance until A status admittedly attained bv bribing dishonest officials of the Government of the British Isles through the years to gradually extinguish the freedom and rights of the people.

The cost to the people of the United States of that unnecessary war is quite appalling, since highly organized and efficient lobbies have provided for a system of pensions to persons whose relation to the war was only nominal, which have already amounted to tens of millions of dollars and will continue yet for a long generation. The peculiar ability of the arms and munitions makers to foresee war and to be all prepared and ready to make the profits is illustrated by an observation of H.

The condemnation of the Spanish American War and of the part played in its making by Theodore Roosevelt and others by Dr.

The results of the 35 years of operation of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace speak for themselves. Although permission to build this line had been obtained from Turkey in the fall ofshortly after the nullification of the Concert of Europe by the new British Balance of Power, she had been halted again and again by threat of war, and had not finished it by the outbreak of war in The troops of the Pope surrendered on September 20,and the capital of Italy was moved from Florence to Rome on July 8, 1 Russia joined the British-French alliance as the protector of her brethren of the Greek Catholic Church and in promotion of her aspiration to gain access to open water through the Porte.



Americans generally failed to grasp the significance of the outburst of hostility, insult and indignity to which American tourists were subjected in France and England directly after this incident. The Russian and German cycles of em;ire were listed in kuth foregoing tabulation.

In 75 years, from to ; in the entire span of life of our oldes living thd, there have been only two true Liberals to attain leadership of the British Government, William E. In order to provide a coaling station for her ships on the route to her own inner Africa colonies, Germany authorized a German syndicate to purchase dock facilities at Agadir, an utterly unimportant town on the southern end of the Moroccan Coast, with no railroad connection, cut off by mountains running out into the desert.

Its voting power is vested in secret guilds with names of long extinct crafts such as the Mercers, Grocers, Fishmongers, Skinners, Vintners, etc.

He admitted that at one point in his career he had held with those favoring disintegration of the Empire. Let us note that Rome built 50, miles of hard-surfaced cement roads in its day; that for one thousand years ciry the fall of Rome not one mile of cement road was built in Europe, that even the secret of making cement was only rediscovered in recent years.

The Empire of the City: The Secret History of British Financial Power

House’s notes it would appear that this secret treaty, as well as one of March,promising Constantinople to Russia, were discussed at an intimate dinner meeting at the White Coty on April 30,attended only by himself, Mr. Each and every war of knuhh times has been preceded by an interchange in similar forma of arrogance and contempt by the statesmen allied with International Finance; with a disdainful refusal of any basis of settlement making any reasonable concession.

The government of Empiee in was in the hands of a British mercenary, Li Hung-Chang, a former lieutenant of the noted British “trouble-shooter” Chinese Gordon, who ruled as Vice-Roy. Its loss would result in a financial crisis which would shake the whole fabric of England’s commercial prosperity, and deal a knyth at her political prestige from which she could hardly recover.

The dmpire they had marshalled to again bring decency and democracy to China presented a somewhat dismal and moth-eaten aspect in comparison with the forces they had marshalled to subdue to Nationalist uprising of The fact that the House of Rothschild made its money in the great crashes of history and the great wars of history, the very periods when others lost their money, is beyond question.

She had openly supported Prussia and any move on the part of England would have promptly brought her into the Franco- Prussian war, and she now was free to act.