: Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. ( ) by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke and a great selection of similar New, Used and. Results 33 – 40 of 40 Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. Sonne: Arische Kulte, Esoterischer Nationalsozialismus und die Politik der Abgrenzung. Buy Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus. by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke () by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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In Western cultural history esoteric approaches to religion have often been in conflict with This book provides the first serious account of the way in which Nazism was influenced by powerful millenarian and occult sects that thrived in Germany and Austria almost fifty years before the rise to power of Adolf Hitler.

On the other hand, we learn of ariosophist publications that eventually become the journalistic arm of the Nazi party and that Hitler himself tried to exert the force of will that would transform the DAP from a small conspiracy group to a nationalsozialismhs, national party.

Ariosophy and Adolf Hitler Appendices Notes and References Bibliography Index Acknowledgements I hesitated before reading this book fearing it might be some wacky neo nazi treatise that tends to froth and then bore.

Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus : Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke :

The Goodrick-Clarke work is well-researched and fascinating. Be the first to ask a question about The Occult Roots of Nazism. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This is an extremely thorough scholarly run down of the topic, meticulously researched with around 75 pages of references, which was quite impressive for a book of this nature.

Over time their ideas and symbols, natiionalsozialismus through nationalist-racist groups associated with the infant Nazi party, came to exert a strong influence on Himmler’s SS.

Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus

A lot of different personalities and movements are covered ded its pages. That line is demonstrated within its pages to be much more blurry than many people think. A study of the ideology of Savitri Devi, whose beliefs combined Aryan supremacism and anti-semitism with Hinduism, social Darwinism and a fundamentally biocentric view of life. Aug 13, Simon rated it liked it Shelves: The occult doctrines themselves seem ridiculous almost without exception. Germany was effectively saluting the founder-emperor of a new One Thousand Year Reich.

Sebottendorff read a lot about List. This text is a serious nationalsozzialismus to identify these ideological origins. Very interesting overview of the occult roots of Nazism up to More than a century after her death, Helena Petrovna Blavatsy remains a legendary figure.


What was quite a surprise was how muc The book lays out quite clearly that there were some occult connections to the Nazi movement and that these were not just the creation of the writers of post-war pulp fiction. okkultem

He is the author of several books on modern occultism and esotericism, and the history of its intersection with Nazi okkulen. I really liked this book.

I were aware of these already, but I had no idea how many of these Germanic Neo-Pagan movements had a very clear political agenda behind them connected to the unification of Germany and the need to find a common heritage for th Contrary to the title, the bulk of the book is actually about the revivals of Paganism and general Occultism in the German-speaking countries from the late 19th century to the early 20th. Want to Read saving…. Highly recommended for anyone okkuletn in this topic, one of the few non-BS tomes about it.

This is one of the only books with the word “occult” in the title which you can cite in papers written for graduate-level history courses. The only trouble with this book is that it actually deals very little with the “modern” Nazis. The real-life oddities of “ariosophy”, the weird New Age-y philosophy adopted Himmler and a majority of Nazis, are way more out there wurzelln anything Indiana Jones ever encountered.

While I understand how some of these ideas floating in the cultural ether and fed by anti-Catholocism and a general anxiety about the strength of German identity could be taken as the basis for a leader’s platform, I don’t have the sense of how these ideas took root in more mainstream associations beyond volkisch movements, which themselves only bear a weak connection, I think, to more bizarre occult ideaslike civic organizations, the army, youth groups, workers’ guilds or unions, or protestant churches.

Jan 29, Robert rated it it was amazing. Over half a century after the defeat of the Third Reich the complexities of Nazi ideology are still being unravelled. But nonetheless a well put together book which I am sure I will come back to many times in the future. That should be a doddle after the cryptic ordeal on kindle.

Thule people would be the first ones Hitler would turn to.

Frohock rated it it was amazing Shelves: Do not expect light reading. I were aware of these already, but I had no idea how many of wurzelj Germanic Neo-Pagan movements had a very clear political agenda behind them connected to the unification of Germany and the need to find a common heritage for the German-speaking cultures.


Sebottendorff comes off as an adventurer and maverick, whose experiences in the Middle East convinced him of the corruption of German Freemasonry by Jews and returned home determined to create a “true” Masonry on the Turkish model. That said, it seems to me to be pretty scrupulous and academic, focusing mainly on obscure personalities and societies with two-digit memberships between the s and s.

Auschwitz, Sobibor, and Treblinka, the hellish museums of Nazi okuklten, had psychic roots reaching back to millenial visions of occult sects. A root denotes both an origin and a lasting foundation i. Aug 17, T. Open Preview See a Problem? Loyalty is also Dke. I went in expecting a semi-lurid tale only slightly more factual than Indiana Jones, but came out with something pretty dry and academic about social diee in wugzeln waning days of the Austrian Empire and the Weimar Republic.

This is a detailed historical study of the ties between National Socialist ideology and esoteric groups operating in Germany, Austria, and the rest of Europe during the late-nineteenth century.

Die okkulten Wurzeln des Nationalsozialismus | Bookogs Database & Marketplace

Apr 19, Caloripher rated it really liked it. Radical movements are feeding okkupten anxiety about economic globalization, sie action, and third-worl More importantly, Liebenfels also served as editor of an occult newsletter titled “Ostara” which a young Adolf Hitler subscribed to Skickas inom vardagar. The only problem I had was the occasional slip here and there where the author stops being objective and says what he really thinks. A wonderful book for those interested okulten the ideological roots of A.

The latter heavily influenced ceremonial and SS ritual at their special castle. Some of the esoteric writers, movers and shakers featured here verged on the wacky to say the least and Goodrick-Clarke argues that Hitler did not have too much time for them. Haushofer was also member of the Luminous Lodge, a secret Japanese society, and the Thule society; he defended the colonization of central Asia, so that Germany would have access to the “hidden centers of powers in the East”.