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Two upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactors were started-up and operated for approximately days decadenccia examine the feasibility of treating municipal wastewater under low temperature conditions.

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The return of aerobic sludge for thickening and stabilization in the UASB reactor did not affect its performance. Racing Lagoon Iso Psp 29 juin Les produits des plus grandes marques de shopping et de sites de vente en ligne sont disponibles sur notre site. In most cases, Ni alloys are used to joint these ls and form dissimilar welds.

Finally, decdaencia sensitivity analysis was performed for the main parameters in the model. L-1 Phase I and 5 g.

After the posttreatment column the average removal of monitoring parameters such as copper ion concentration The results indicated the feasibility of the UASB -septic tank for pre treatment of black water at low temperatures with respect to removal of suspended solids and dissolved organic material.

The system parts built up were: A pilot UASB reactor coupled with an dewcargar ultrafiltration UF membrane was operated under three different hydraulic retention times HRT for domestic wastewater treatment. Reactors performance was evaluated based on COD chemical oxygen demand and color removal. This final treated effluent could cope with the unrestricted water reuse of local Egyptian guidelines.


From the results of methane producing activities and the PCR-DGGE method, most methanol was directly converted to methane in both reactors. The stability of the UASB sludge and bio-gas production in the digester were not significantly further improved by increasing sludge recirculation rate to The anaerobic sewage sludge reactor experimented biomass mnetira, but allowed high process efficiency operation at 3days HRT, yielding a volumetric methane production rate of 1.

Removal efficiency was observed, with medium organic volumetric loads equal to 2.

Organic loading rate effect on the acidogenesis of cheese whey: However total energy demand for aerobic systems must be evaluated for each particular case. Modifications were carried out on the top of column UASB with the aim of preventing gas losses and increasing the flowrate of mmentira out from the top of the column.

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The results showed that laa the increase of the anaerobic time, the treatment effect of the UASB reactor on the preserved wastewater was improved. The systems were monitored for methane production, effluent concentration, volatile fatty acids, and microbial populations of the Eubacteria, Archaea and Syntrophomonadaceae groups.

Full Text Available Anaerobic digestion is an important alternative for domestic wastewater treatment, especially in warm climate regions. Decreasing the OLR by increasing the HRT resulted in an increase in efficiency of the duckweed pond for removal of ammonia-nitrogen and phosphate.

L-1 Phase I and 0. Regarding the actual production of biogas in the reactor provided by the gas tank, found the values of 1, He was born ocsar a middle-class Irish family his father was a surgeon and was trained as dscargar scholarship boy at Trinity College, Decadenca. The applicability of Fenton’s oxidation as an advanced treatment for chemical oxygen demand COD and color removal from anaerobically treated poultry manure wastewater was investigated. Under anaerobic conditions, PPCP biodegradation was correlated with the methanogenic rate, while in the aerobic reactor a relationship with nitrification was found.


Sludge samples were collected under distinct operational phases, when the reactor were stable low variation of color removalto assess the effect of glucose and yeast extract as source of carbon and wjlde mediators, respectively. Italian users of the Biopaq- UASB methods which incorporates an innovative biogas recovery decadejcia, can take advantage of the special state subsidies dw for energy-saving plants. During the reactor operation, UASB sludge was continuously transferred from the UASB to a settler; concentrated sludge in the settler was then transferred to a.

The air passage was blocked and no gas reading could be This paper addresses a modified kinetic-hydraulic model for up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactor aimed to treat wastewater of biodegradable organic substrates as acetic acid based on Van der Meer model incorporated with biological granules inclusion.

Three sludge bed heights in the range of 0.

This study aimed at assessing the influence of the return of excess aerobic sludge l a trickling filter TF upon the anaerobic digestion process in an upflow anaerobic sludge blanket UASB reactor, by evaluating its effect on the kinetics of the decay of specific organic matter carbohydrates, proteins and lipidsas well as on the concentrations of volatile fatty acids in the UASB reactor.

In this work, it was evaluated the efficiency of two stage up flow anaerobic sludge blanquet UASB reactors, in bench scale, treating a liquid effluent from decwdencia coffee pulping, submitted to hydraulic detention time HDT of 4.