Tiff R E V O I U T i ON A R y W R i T I N q S of DavicJ Lane Deceived, Domned & Defiant The Re ur soma hv WslriNqt of Dwid Linf ivetl, Damned Defiant Tkt. Deceived, Damned, and Defiant: The Revolutionary Writings of David Lane is a book collecting all the works of the Wotanist and White. David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant. Identifier DavidLane- DeceivedDamnedAndDefiant. Identifier-ark ark://t0cv5rc4p.

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It is self-evidently invalid, political rhetoric. They have a semantic arsenal of deception almost without end. If not, and the Whit race goes the way of the dinosaurs, then the last generation of White children, including yours, will pay for your vile complicity at the hands of the colored races who will inherit the world.

I just want to point out that under the lauded Capitalism it is not the personal worth of a man that is regarded, but rather the depths of his pockets or of his parents’ pockets. The author of this Manifesto, his comrades, both in chains and out, and others retaining their powers of reason stand in opposition. Strangely, this one, too, was Catholic, Nancy by name.

Lane David – Deceived damned and defiant – Free PDF

Brian rated it really liked it Nov 13, The titles may be unimportant, but the value of their legacy is beyond measure. The book you are about to read will show how initiates into an ancient wisdom preserved true knowledge throughout the many centuries of persecution by tyrants of both church and state.

Jeffrey Diehl rated it liked it Apr 16, This included the use of a large map of the United States that could be used in his closing damnef to prove the perjury of two of the three witnesses providing relevant testimony against me. Aaron Odinsson marked it as to-read Nov 28, The fact is I never saw Parmenter at any time after Berg was killed and could not have said such a thing.

Deceived, Damned, and Defiant

It is deliberate, malicious genocide, the extermination of our species. Henry Ford commissioned a group deceivedd scholars to study the real powers defianr governmental and religious institutions, then stated, “History is bunk. They made it deveived that harm to me would not be wise on the part of my cell partners.

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If you are a fence-sitter, a Real Estate agent selling homes to Coloreds in White neighborhoods, a Judeo-Christian racial egalitarian preacher, a Federal pigdog or any other treasonous swine, be on notice.

In them I have attempted to guide our Folk into constructive paths of resistance to the genocide practiced against the White race in all its former territories. However, out of cowardice and because they had not been taught to demonize their executioner, once Roosevelt and the Jews had maneuvered America into war, they changed their slogan to “Now that we are in, let’s win.

There simply is no defense. We must remember this maxim when reading establishment versions of past events. All evidence and testimony are decided in advance and the judge will tolerate no surprises.

We moved to Clifton, Illinois where my father had secured another church. The intent of the North was to create a central government and in effect destroy the original constitution. Damnef the process the entire White race was forced to profess literal belief in the Judeo-Christian mythologies.

Somewhere around BCE in old Babylon a renegade and unprincipled group of initiates into the secrets of the ancients hatched up a conspiracy to rule the world using the Hermetic wisdom, usury danned the basest instincts of man. In Norse mythology Odin hangs nine days on a tree, while in Christian mythology Christ hangs on a wooden cross. The agents, however, screwed up and had me arrive at Loff s house in the state of Washington on the West coast the same day I arrived at the Martinez house on the East coast.

The reader can verify both by common sense and my other writings. If he cared one iota about White children, then his assassinations would have been against those who bus, mix, terrorize and destroy defianr children. Almost always they are paired with dark, swarthy Jews, and recently with other self-evidently non- Whites, as much as Hymie dares. She regaled me with stories of the evil Germans and how they mass murdered Jews.

According to jailhouse scuttlebutt he, also, was involved with cocaine distribution and used cocaine to obtain the sexual favors of young girls. The new love of my life was named Carol Ann Avery. The rules of evidence state that in conspiracy trials hearsay evidence in furtherance of the conspiracy is admissible, but hearsay not in furtherance of the conspiracy is not admissible.


Long ago you forgot how to think, so you choose between the fatal alternatives presented by civilization’s executioners. So, once a man is convicted and if he is sent to a Federal prison, life seems an improvement over other recent experiences.

It is not a pleasant life, particularly defiqnt the racial makeup, and that my goal is to stop the American murder of the White race.

When it was clear to the Federals that I was not going to cooperate I was transferred to a Federal prison in Alabama and then to Boise, Idaho. Germany was simply filling its historic role and duty as defenders of the White race.

David Lane – Deceived Damned and Defiant

It may well be the most intricate such book in history. The author of this Manifesto, his comrades, ceceived in chains and out, and others retaining their powers of reason stand in opposition.

This he does saying J for Nature declares each is concerned with deceiced own. The verdict of a jury in a Federal courtroom has absolutely nothing to do with justice since the so-called evidence is just part of ceceived charade and the jury never hears the meat of the case.

Lanes commitment and sacrifice to his holy cause. Homosexuality, booze, drugs, infidelity, pornography, multi- racialism, violence, historical distortion, holy-hoax propaganda, materialism, hedonism, the glories of democracy, feminism and hatred of the White man is the purpose and effect of so-called entertainment in America.

An excellent example of the deception practiced by the C. Between my junior and senior years I earned five dollars a week plus room and board working on a farm. One memory stands out clearly. An example is shown next, as we learn why the Greek Gnostics called Jesus the Ogdoad, meaning “group of eight.