Bibliographic information. QR code for Czekając na Godota. Title, Czekając na Godota Lektura z Opracowaniem – BGW · Lektura z Opracowaniem – Fundacja. Samuel Beckett, “Czekając na Godota”. 4 likes. Book. OCLC Number: Reproduction Notes: Electronic reproduction. [S.l.]: HathiTrust Digital Library, MiAaHDL. Description: 1 online resource (

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The boy is an godoga. I think this type of writing is an acquired taste, or maybe it’s like listening to a type of music you hate but after awhile you start to get used to it and almost find yourself liking it. Pozzo would have liked to meet Godot, though he can hardly pronounce it, correctly. It had been on godoota radar forever, and it was just a couple of hours long and so I did it.

But it wouldn’t really matter if it’s daytime or nighttime. Perhaps f I can now claim to have read Beckett, that intensely birdlike Irishman with the ruffled plumage.

Czekając na Godota by Samuel Beckett (3 star ratings)

I say it could be said, not that I say it is. I’m worried now about going to hell for eternity. The mind will atrophy, small kids will begin beating me at chess until the joy of playing altogether dissipates. Pages of novels drenched with involuntary tears from old eyes ready to go blind.


I can now claim to have read Beckett, that intensely birdlike Irishman with the ruffled plumage. After all, it seems to state the meaning You spin me right round, baby Right round like a record, baby Right round round round Still absurd. He has grown strong wings and will soon fly away from the coop of comfort we have built for him and our only daughter who will surely follow suit a few years more.

The characters, Vladimir Didi and Estragon Gogo await Godot and withstand the boredom any human would be crazy to want to experience. Lists with This Book. As an inspiration to many later writers, he is also sometimes considered one of the first postmodernists.

For pretty much the whole first act. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Believe me, you’ll be a better person. Oh I love that kind of friendship hehe. Wearily slumping Well, you’ll have to leave, then drive to a store, then park, then get out, and then walk into the store, and then- Patron: We’re waiting on rules for using patron’s personal items.

I will waste time unless I scribble something, like this. My mother after seeing it in the theatre.

Refresh and try again. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. Does reading Patterson count?

Lucky without hat is devoided of speech. View all 22 comments. This play has won the Nobel Prize twice: Yet, the wretched couple decides to leave the scene.


Czekając na Godota

View all 19 comments. Perhaps for its time, the vacuity of the post-God world and the waiting of the religious dolts in the face of the carnage of the second world war.

I have lost my youth. Mar 19, Nayra. The stage directions are probably more important than the dialogue, which is often insipid and highly repetitive.

These two gents hug and embrace each other yet they call each other “pig” and in the end they say that they are friends. We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist? It’s actually quite hilarious when half a page is devoted to the two protagonists putting on each others’ hat repeatedly, Laurel and Hardy-like.

They probably have read this only. Ah, but look cezkajc me, foolishly trying to make sense of it all when, if anything is clear, that is surely not what Beckett intended. To my left, a pretty lady, in a government-employee uniform, sitting on her chair in a lotus position, engaged in an animated conversation with a young man.