Sad news in the world of young-adult literature. A début novel called “Crash Into Me” was released Monday, but its author, Albert Borris, has. Crash Into Me by Albert Borris – book cover, description, publication history. “The ultimate heartbreaking, poignant road trip to a place you never thought you’ d go.” –Todd Strasser, bestselling author of Give a Boy a Gun “Crash Into Me.

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In my opinion this novel could have contained a few more pages, but the overall story and plot idea are thrilling and interesting. The characters were relatable, and their personalities were distinct.

I barely made it through this one. Some of the teens change their minds about suicide along the way. Would multiple perspectives work better for this kind of book? I could really relate to this book, so it made reading it much more interesting. They talk about their lives and how neither one intoo them has a reason to live.

Crash Into Me

I must admit, I really enjoyed this book and was really quite satisfied with the ending. Since suicide is a popular topic among most teenagers and because so many people commit or attempt it, it seemed like it would give insight as to how those people think; which it did.

Hardcoverpages. Your characters act like morons, why are you trying to tell me they’re geniuses? It took me ages to finally finish this book, but I am stubborn and refused to give up. Not entirely there in the inot, but rather stuck in his head and his own memories and how he interprets his surroundings. Mar 01, Sammie rated it did not like it. Four suicidal teens met in an online chat room, found comfort in each other bordis their discussions and made a pact to visit one famous person’s grave site each, that died from suicide.

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Four teenagers take a road trip to visit the grave sites of famous people who have committed suicide.

Not enough meat for me to truly empathize with any of the characters. Characters except the main are rather thin, and even our MC is more Perks of Being a Wallflower than anything else. I was really happy alberf find that they were all pretty well developed, even though I would have liked to get just a bit more information about their backgrounds before they all met up to make the Suicide Dogs.

I cant think of anything else that is bad. It revolves around four teens who plan to commit suicide after taking a road trip across the Unto to visit the graves of their favorite celebrities that committed suicide. The group’s name expresses something wild and uncontrollable, just like the kids themselves are in their decisions to take their lives. He has no hobbies. This is one of those books that reads fast, with a slightly predictable ending, but is still worth reading.

I love this book. The pact they made was a bold statement in my opinion because it seemed like a cool idea, why die alone?

But instead I was left feeling melancholy, and a little bit lonely. Crash into Me is his first novel.

Crash Into Me by Albert Borris

Mar 11, Haley Thompson rated it it was amazing. I am honestly not fully sure of their ages, except I know all of them are in high school and 2 of them have their licenses.

Out of the four, I think he was the most suited to be the narrator — the most level-headed. Is life worth living in spite of the pain? Email required Frash never made public.

I wish there was more dialog in this book. Okay, so I rarely do this, but – I picked up this novel with NO idea what it was about. Suddenly actions accumulated and the end came way to abrupt. I wouldnt change the characters or their personalities, they all bring something unique to this book. This was a long time ago though, a time when I didn’t really consider the books I was buying and just bought anything which interested me.


They listened, thus allowing us to get to know them better. Some of them were factually interesting, others were morbid and a few were downright sad. I feel l This book was many things: Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! He runs workshops on suicide prevention, drug abuse issues, and peer leadership for teenagers.

Crash into Me

I first gorris about this book on my library’s website and I requested it right away. I had to keep myself from sleeping while reading this book as there was nothing interesting or exciting.

Senza contare che non trovo difficile credere che un episodio del genere possa realmente verificarsi, visto l’alto tasso dei suicidi giovanili, specialmente negli Stati Uniti! When they meet online after each attempts suicide and fails, the four teens make a deadly pact: Nov 19, Maddy rated it liked it Shelves: There was some sex nothing graphic just talk of itdrugs, and of course illegal stuff.

YA Bookaholic : Book Review – Crash Into Me by Albert Borris

I think a lot of the conversations and reactions the characters had were genuine, even if the situation as a whole isn’t exactly the most believable. Frank was like the backbone in the group, making sure they had food and a place to sleep, not to mention doing most of the driving. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers slbert more.