Cordia dichotoma is small to medium-size deciduous tree with a short crooked trunk, short bole and spreading crown (Figure 1). Leaves are. Cordia dichotoma. Family. Boraginaceae. Botanical Name. Cordia dichotoma G. Forst. Forster, J.G. () Florulae Insularum Australium Prodromus: Plant Morphology: Growth Form: It is a tree or shrub up to 27 m tall, with a conical crown that becomes rounded later. Foliage: Its spirally arranged, long-stalked.

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Anthelmintic activity The aqueous and ethanolic extracts of fruit of C.

Table 1 Scientific classification, vernacular names and local names of the C. Structure and properties of new natural cellulose fabrics from Cordia dichotoma.

Significant reduction in blood glucose level and the rate of body weight loss was observed in glucose loaded rats and alloxan induced diabetic rats when treated with methanol extract of fruits pulp, which reveals corsia potential of fruits pulp of C. Antiimplantation activity of the methanolic extract of Cordia dichotoma Lam. The species is propagated by seeds [12].

Stem bark Antifungal Cordia latifolia Roxb. Fine oak grain in the twigs. Clarke Cordia indica Lam. A review of medicinal plants of the genus Cordia: A food plant for the larval stages of the Common Oakblue Butterfly.


Release of drug neomycin from Cordia dichotoma transdermal film. Transdermal films were prepared using natural polymer fruit gum of C. Gastroprotective effect of Cordia myxa L. The vaginal smear of the Wistar rats g was studied microscopically for estrus cycle and only female rats with normal estrus cycle were selected for study. Creative Commons Attribution 2.

Introduction Plant derived medicines are considered to be first line of defense in maintaining health and combating diseases and even today plant source is principal source of new drug of therapeutic property [1]. Boraginaceaeplant species native didhotoma Brazilian Semi-arid.

Cordia dichotoma – Useful Tropical Plants

Zone of inhibition of extracts was compared with that of different standards like ampicilline, ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin and chloramphenicol for antibacterial activity and nystatin and griseofulvin for antifungal activity. Leaves also contain quercetin and quercitrin Table 4 [20]. Anti-inflammatory activity Transdermal films were prepared using natural polymer fruit gum of C.

Analgesic, antibacterial and cytotoxic activity Crude ethanolic sichotoma of C.

Cordia dichotoma

Int J Biomed Adv Res. Root bark Antifungal, Larvicidal Cordia corymbosa Willd. New natural cellulose fabrics corxia identified from the branches of the C. Alloxan induced diabetic studies were randomly assigned into four groups each having six rats.


Table 4 Structures of some phyotochemicals from C. Abstract More than half of dichotomma world’s population relies on the traditional medicine and major role of the traditional medicine including the use of plant extract and their active constituents.

Factsheet – Cordia dichotoma

Aerial parts Antimicrobial Cordia multispicata Cham. Normoglycemic and diabetes The effect of the aqueous extract of C. Ripe fruit of C. Int J Pharm Bio Sci. The detail plant information and its cotdia against various ailments might be further useful for references and related research work based on traditional Indian system of medication. Int J Pharm Res Dev.

Cordia dichotoma Images

Screening of fruit, leaves and seed shows the presence of pyrrolizidine alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids, saponins, terpenes and sterols. The vaginal smears were examined and the appearance of the sperms clusters in the smears was recorded as Day 1 of pregnancy. The dried bark of C.