A Composition in raga Hamsadhwani which is in Teen taal is given here. The Composition, Alaap and the Taans are given along with bansuri. This Yaman composition for bansuri flute is composed in Dadra taal (6 beat rhythmic cycle). In the following style this composition is played. Bansuri: raag bhupali – introduction & 1st composition. The aroha (or the ascent) is sa re ga pa dha sa’. Aroha: sa re ga pa dha sa. Bhupali is a pentatonic raga.

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This was recorded on an E flute. This site has been optimized for Internet Explorer 7. This piece of music references J. I like the way you explain the basic concepts, notes and then run hansuri the notes slowly. Hansadhwani Introduction Hansadhwani is a common evening melody that is especially popular with flute players due to its relatively easy fingering.

Both compositions are in teental. I didn’t even know all the notes on the bansuri until after I found your site.

Indian Flute Compositions | Bansuri | Raga

Hansadhwani has a pentatonic 5-note scale, and all the notes use fully covered holes i. The gopis female devotees of Krishna would leave their homes and husbands and follow Krishna, or so the myth goes. An ancient musical instrument associated with cowherds and the pastoral tradition, it is intimately linked to the love story of Krishna and Radha, and is depicted in Buddhist paintings from around AD. Because my background is also in western classical music as well as jazz and other forms, I have begun playing the Bansuri in many musical contexts.

Kerry Kriger’s Guide To Indian Classical Music: Book Series

One of my students, George, came by for his second flute lesson. Digital copies are easy to travel with, so you can take your book anywhere and load it to your phone, tablet or computer for comositions access while laying in bed or practicing your instrument. Where I live there are no bansuri instructors.


Book Series Please sign up for the Indian Flute Music mailing list so I can inform you when these books become available!

Flute Compositions & Ragas

Kerry Kriger teaches Jog Enjoy the video! Or what if JS Bach had gone to India?

Finding compositions for Indian Classical Music can be challenging, as bansrui few exist online or in bookstores. What I began to feel was that this beautiful instrument is very well suited to Indian music but also is wonderful in other types of music. I have never found a functional way to convey the intricacies of Indian Classical Music notation using computer software, and thus the compositions are hand-written.

bansuri – Samvad

Other places such as Hawaii are also sources of suitable bamboo that fulfill the requirement of having long sections between nodes of the bamboo. There are two varieties of bansuri: Thankfully, due to the internet and YouTube, many good recordings and demonstrations of the Bansuri can be seen or heard, for example http: The approach, structure and exposition of these 2 forms are quite different although there are many similarities as well and so for this discussion, it should be understood that the musical context is that of North Indian music.

Since then, while working with his own group Facing Eastworking with such musicians as Paul horn, Paul McCandless, Larry Coryell and Jack DeJohnetteand issuing six recordings under his own name, Wubbenhorst has refined his concept of world and ethnic fusion music to include classical and chamber musics, modern jazz, fusion and new age genres.


Compositions for Bansuri Finding compositions for Indian Classical Music can be challenging, as very few exist online or in bookstores. It is a MB file that’s large!

It was felt that this instrument was not able to express the full import and richness found in the classical ragas of Indian music and was mainly for light music or short classical pieces. This was George’s second lesson, and I did not tell him the scale or what we were playing until after we had played alap for ten full minutes. Even within North Indian music there are many varied schools and approaches taken. That he picked it up so quickly is a testament to the power compoxitions importance of taking private lessons so you get immediate, applicable feedback to your playing!

Legend has it that years ago Lord Krishna wandered an area known as Vrindavan and mesmerized all with his Bansuri. Bach flute sonatas and find they are very beautifully rendered on the Bansuri although much practice is needed to make the correct intonation on these pieces. Thus I have put together a page book entitled ” Compositions for Bansuri “. Debu Prasad was from the Pannalal Ghosh style of playing, which emphasized a more vocal approach and was a wonderful teacher as well.