Clans of the Alphane Moon [Philip K. Dick] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Title: Clans of the Alphane Moon Binding: Paperback. Clans of the Alphane Moon is expanded from the short story Shell Game CLANS OF THE ALPHANE MOON, now In print once more after many years, Is one of. Clans of the Alphane moon, by Philip K. Dick Any book that features a telepathic yellow Ganymedean slime mold as a major character can’t be.

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Clans of the Alphane Moon | notes on the novels & short stories of Philip K. Dick

There are parts when the main character is living in a slum with a telepathic slime mold as a neighbor and a perky girl who can turn time back five minutes as a love interest that seemed like the set up to some gloriously weird sitcom.

Meanwhile back on earth, Chuck Rittersdorf has been tossed out by his wife, a successful marriage counselor, and now lives in a rundown conapt that sounds a little bit like the first apartment I had in college.

Dec 25, Apatt rated it really liked it. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. He knew the psychiatric lingo and at times used it as rigorously in his personal relationships as he did in his books.

I do think it has a lot of strengths. The most effective elements of the novel had already been calns out. Refresh and try again. There will be a clan of schizophrenics, a clan of manics, a clan of depressions, patients, etc.

It is characterized as diverse but disordered, without aesthetic unity, “a hodgepodge of incomplete projects, started out but never finished. The whole society formed of former mental patients and their kids is a great idea, and very Dickian, but the wider book is very much pulp SF. What do you think about Phil doing a time travel book? Well, really its quite horrific, but anyway From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


They actually seem to have developed a modicum of civilization and stability, when the Terrans decide to reclaim the or and re-hospitalize all its inhabitants. Tje likable at all, really.

Instead, my complaint is about the writing: The girl smiled at him brightly. By combining their dysfunctional talents, the Alphanes are able to mount a formidable defense against the Terran warships.

Return to Book Page. Here the council is voting on a plan that might just save them all: Writing in the Guardian inSandra Newman cites Alphane as an example of “the Wild West era of science fiction, when plots could go anywhere or nowhere”, stating that the plot is “ridiculous” and “offensive”, and that “it has an effect you simply cannot produce with a book that is well written. He hires Chuck as a writer apparently the scripts Chuck writes for CIA simulacra are gut-bustingly funnybut in reality Bunny is only alphabe Chuck because of the connection to his wife.

The real stars of the book, however are the inhabitants of Alphane, a planet populated by mental patients. Why would someone else hating a book make you enjoy it more?


Clans of the Alphane Moon

The fact that these break down to only a half dozen or so reflects the mid-sixties when the novel was written.

It can help going in to know both that a book is worthwhile or at least that someone thinks it is but also that it has a particular issue which may concern some readers. She had something in her alphanf.

Lovecraft was deeply racist and some of his key stories depend on that racism for their power Innsmouth particularly. The Flans had not yet expanded to include everything from psychosis to social anxiety disorder shyness.


This page was last edited on 19 Marchat The Deps are suffering from clinical depression. But not quite good enough.

Patients in enforced hospitalization circumstances—in other words, captivity. I guess the sexism would get on my nerves and the spaceship adventures would be too much for me but I enjoyed reading your review. Along the way we meet a telepathic Ganymedian Slime Mold named Lord Running Clam, the egomaniacal entertainer Bunny Hentman and alphabe obligatory android masquerading as a human.

Turns out Mary is a Dep, but Chuck, who has a clean bill of mental health, decides to start alphzne new clan on the moon called the Norms.

Also people make a lot of noise about his description of breasts but consider that the focus alphanee breasts is only when the focus is on Rittersdorf and his viewpoint. It’s a wonderful, absurd combination of things that maybe only works half the time: Official web site devoted to science fiction author Philip K.

Jun 24, James rated it it was ok. When the total vote had been verified everyone but Dino Watters, the miserable Dep, turned out to have declared in the affirmative. The editorial changes in his novels were drastic. Trivia About Clans of the Alph Dec 11, Charles Dee Mitchell rated it liked it Shelves: He did not belong in any of the settlements here on Alpha III M2; here he was a loner, an outcast, accompanied by no one even remotely resembling him.

Augmentation of reality, revelation of symbolic structure, that kind of thing. What she needs are bigger breasts, you could incorporate into your sci-fi mental health colony a segment about fake breasts.

It was too much.