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S k if that warning would have been generated as a result of the annotated declaration or any of its parts. When analyzing the problem in this manner we arrive at the following representation: P nthen T i is undefined and there is no function type. If A i is an unbound wildcard? Initialization of Fields in Interfaces 9.

If an annotation appears before a void method declaration and is deemed to apply only to the type which is closest to the annotation, a compile-time error occurs. It is a compile-time error if a variable arity method declaration that is neither static nor final is annotated with the annotation SafeVarargs.

Since SafeVarargs is only applicable to static methods, final instance methods, and constructors, the annotation is not usable where method overriding occurs.

Some elements of the language, like specific lexical tokens such as trigraphs such as?? The simple name to which the annotation is closest is classified as a TypeNamenot a PackageName.

Here, the method named move is overloaded in interface RealPointInterface with three different signatures, two of them declared and one inherited. An interface method lacking a default modifier or a static modifier is implicitly abstractso its body is represented by a semicolon, not a block. P nis derived by applying the substitution [ P 1: This is the case whether the other method is abstract or default.

This is implied by the requirement on the value method of the containing annotation type. Note that the at-sign and the keyword interface are distinct tokens.

Previous 9.44.0 can be found in the distribution’s whatsnew. For example, in the field declaration Foo public static String f;the type which is closest to Foo is String.

This section does not provide a complete specification for the predefined annotations contained here in; that is the role of the appropriate API specifications.


If the compiler that is made available in the Cygnus distribution lags behind the latest version, the sources of the latest amnotations can be downloaded after which the compiler can be built using an already available compiler.

The presence or absence of the strictfp modifier has absolutely no effect on the rules for overriding methods. The annotation type java.

Ambiguous Inherited Fields If two fields with the same annotahions are inherited by an interface because, for example, two of its direct superinterfaces declare fields with that name, then a single ambiguous member results. ElementType []to specify contexts. The development of new programs while existing code is reused can also be implemented in C by, e.

More broadly, if Foo is a repeatable annotation type and FooContainer is annotatikns containing annotation type, then:. If an annotation appears before a constructor declaration and is deemed to 94.0 to the type which is closest to the annotation, that type is the type of the newly constructed object. In contrast, a class declaration that declares clone is simply overriding Object.

There is no required relationship between the return types or between the throws clauses of two methods with the same name but different signatures that are not override-equivalent.

Debian — Error

It is a compile-time error if a member type declaration in an interface has the modifier protected or private. CLASSor java.

If the same type declaration is inherited from an interface by multiple paths, the class or interface is considered to be inherited only once; it may be referred to by its simple name without ambiguity.

I is a subinterface of J. Retentionthen a Java annotafions must treat T as if it does have such a meta-annotation m with an element whose value is java. Every declarator in a field declaration of an interface must have annorations variable initializer, or a compile-time error occurs. We prefer, in order to preserve the independent nature of class hierarchies, to minimize class-interface clashes by simply giving priority to concrete methods.

The reader should be forwarned that extensive knowledge of the C programming language is actually assumed. SOURCEthen a Java compiler must ensure that a is not present in the binary representation of the class or interface in which a appears. The following interface is not functional because it declares nothing which is not already a member of Object:. Generic Interfaces and Type Parameters 9. Many readers have submitted suggestions for improvements since version 8.


As an example of an object oriented approach, an illustration follows: If Foo has no Target meta-annotation but FooContainer has an Target meta-annotation, then Foo may only be repeated on program elements where FooContainer may appear.

By virtue of the AnnotationTypeElementModifier production, a method declaration in an annotation type declaration cannot be default or static. If you like this document, tell your friends about it. It would therefore be dangerous for Foo to rely on it. The other method – boolean equals Object – is an explicit declaration of an abstract method that would otherwise be implicitly declared, and will be automatically implemented by every class that implements the interface.

Chapter 2: Introduction

It annotatioons not something we wish to change with the design of default methods, because that would conflict with the goal of allowing interfaces to unobtrusively evolve, only providing default behavior when a class doesn’t already have it through the class hierarchy.

This can happen in any of the five declaration contexts where modifiers immediately precede the type of the declared entity:. Reading the annotations beyond this point implies that you are aware of these notes and that you agree with them. Let m be a method in M with:.

Chapter 9. Interfaces

Inheriting Methods with Override-Equivalent Signatures. There exists no method m ‘ that is a member of a direct superinterface, J ‘, of I m distinct from m ‘, J distinct from J ‘such that m ‘ overrides from Annktations ‘ the declaration of the method m. Annotation inheritance only works on classes not anontations, interfaces, or constructorsso an SafeVarargs -style annotation cannot be passed through instance methods in classes or through interfaces.