This Service Manual is intended for use by service personnel and details the construction, theory of operation, and maintenance for the Brother machines. Mfccw Repair Manual. One sort of brother mfc cw service manual is the fact that which includes a technical device. It may help explain installation. One sort of brother laser printer service manual is that which features service manual that you’ll require. SERVICE MANUAL BROTHER MFC CW. Brother .

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Fit the left and right supports over the paper ejection roller shaft and fit the metal hooks into the openings provided in the lower cover.

Other controls Paper feed position and speed control A PF encoder disk with the resolution of dpi 0. You could suffer a fatal electrical shock! Then release latch “b” from the document cover with the tip of a flat screwdriver and remove the ADF rear cover.

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ADF rear cover 5 Pull the lock arms provided on the underside of the document cover outwards and release latch “a” of the ADF rear cover. Remote terminal not ready for polling. Assurance print 1 and 2 Enabling assurance print 1 or 2 causes the machine to mix black ink pigment-based and a little of cyan ink dye-based to use in monochrome copy or in monochrome FAX reception and list output, respectively.

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For MFC only – No grother calls will be able to be made. Page 1 On your PC, run “filedg Release the two hooks inside the ADF front cover from the upper ADF chute, then release the two holes from the bosses on the bottom of the document cover. Recording paper Check that: Entering function code 01 initializes almost all of the EEPROM areas, but entering 91 does not initialize some areas, as listed below. See the previous page.

Lift the ink mfd ASSY up and out of the lower cover. Please, do not make a copy of the downloaded manual and do not offer to sell it, just use personally to repair defective appliance!



WSW45 Speeding up scanning-2 Not used. If the planetary arm does not move smoothly, clean it. This prevents the ink supply tubes from getting crushed between the upper and lower covers.

DX flapper drive mechanism The rotational torque of the ASF motor is transmitted to servcie cap lift cam gear in the maintenance unit. Left and right margin adjustment 5 Drag and drop the “media. On the lower cover Head property code Production lot number Operating Procedure — Check the movement of the CIS unit — 1 Press the 5 and 9 keys in this order in the initial brkther of the maintenance mode.

Page 14 To adjust the bottom margin, enter the measured value in units of 0. Do not remove the ink absorber box unless it needs to be replaced.

Consisting of thin piezoelectric plates laminated together, this plate can be driven even by a low voltage. After the machine prints on the top face of the recording paper, the duplex print mechanism for duplex print models detailed on page drives the DX flapper in the duplex unit to switch the recording paper path and then drives the switchback roller SB roller to switch back the recording paper that has just been printed on its top face and ejected temporarily to the duplex unit toward the DX paper tray 1.

And Motor Rotational Direction [ 4 ] Power transmission route to the head servife mechanism and motor rotational direction This mechanism draws its power from two motors–the ASF motor DC motor in the right rear corner of the engine chassis and the paper feed motor DC motor on the left side. Preparation Prior to proceeding with the disassembly procedure, 1 Be sure to setvice up the machine information and user data into an external memory. Do not disturb this selector.

Unable to receive polling even during turn-around transmission due to call reservation. Specifying the LCD type if the 3. When the power is off or the machine is not printing, this mechanism fits the head cap unit which contains two head caps tightly over the print head to prevent the head nozzles from drying up and to keep dust off the head nozzle surface.


If the port number is unknown, follow steps 1 through 4 below. Super fine 1 1: Then, while pulling up the right or left lock arm slightly with the edge of a scale or the like, release the right inside or left inside pawl of the LT bank ASSY from the paper tray 2.

The disassembly order flow provided enables you to see at a glance the quickest way to get to component s involved. Enable for any type of paper in any size. servcie

Brother DCP6690CW Service Manual

Page 17 Remove the screw from the ink cartridge detection sensor PCB and lift it up. It is useful when the machine cannot print received data due to the printing mechanism defective. Pull either the left or right end of the outer back cover outwards and downwards and release the corresponding boss from the LT cover.

Sensors Sensing status Document front sensor No document detected. It automatically switches to the former at the start of a scan operation if the document front sensor inside the ADF detects a document. Page 3 On your PC, run “filedg Error Code Symptom Probable Cause Solution Hex The switchback paper Too much ink used for top- Pull out 6490cs DX paper tray 1, detection sensor does not face printing had made the open the DX cover, and come ON within the paper curly or wavy so 6490cs remove the jammed paper.

In order to check whether the printer driver is successfully installed, click Start Settings Printers to call up the Printers window. Failure to back up the machine information requires the ink absorber box and flushing box to be replaced after replacement of the main PCB. WAIT 0 1 1: Obtained compensation data ineffective 0 0 1: