Who Put The Bomp #5. Who Put The Bomp #6. Who Put The Bomp #7. Who Put The Bomp #8. Who Put The Bomp #9. Who Put The Bomp! # Who Put The. Who Put The Bomp was a rock music fanzine edited and published by Greg Shaw from to Its name came from the hit doo-wop song by Barry. It collects writings from the s-’70s run of Bomp! magazine, a worthy competitor of Creem and Crawdaddy as a rock mag that’s still fun to.

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Monday with Hayley Mills: By Michael Miner Also includes the missing Bomp magazine issue 22, and the story of the Bomp label.

Shaw waxes eloquent about the rock, the fan scene, what makes a fanzine a fanzine, what defines fannishness and so much friggin’ more. Copyright Law, Section ; Fair use. How often do we really know the difference? Ken Barnes follows this with a detailed history of his own long involvement with Shaw and his creation, and other key personalities behind the scenes, capturing perfectly the feel of a time when records were a rare addiction and knowledge of bands like The Velvet Underground or The Seeds was like a secret handshake among a cognoscenti only able to identify itself being cultivated by rallying points like WPTB — an audience largely recruited from the subcultures of comics and science fiction fanzines.

Julie Newmar article from Whisper magazine, July YOu can share, too -Just click here- to drop me a line and say hello. Sort content by label audio vintage vinyl vintage graphics link YouTube advertising 95 cover tunes 83 Reasons To Be Cheerful 82 comics 61 video 57 78s fRom HeLL 55 movies 51 character actors 50 magazines 45 TV 44 illustrators 44 obit 39 cultural artifacts 36 cartooning 27 flickr 26 art 23 formerly at ‘Brief Window’ 22 vanity 22 In Crowd of the month 20 cartoons 18 cover gallery 18 fashion 18 CD review 17 Remember Those ’90’s?


The Chicago-area native dished tabloid-style gossip here for almost a decade. Later, the name was shortened to Bomp! Recordsheaded by Shaw until his death in By Leor Galil Any book that brings back to my nostrils the fragrance of mimeo sheets, typewriter ribbons, staples and fresh vinyl warrants my highest recommendation.

,agazine Shinola debate continues: UFC alt storyboard. Polka Westinghouse Duo ad, The book is by his wife, Suzy, and freak-of-all-trades Mick Farren. Proto-punkpunk rockpop rockindie rock. Greg Shaw died from heart failure at the age of 55 on October 19, That said, I found myself completely and utterly absorbed in reading its articles and perusing its discographies, first as a reader boomp music buff, but foremost as a former fanzine publisher myself.

Who Put the Bomp

A brief Del Close reference leads us along to: The magazine chronicled bands that Shaw deemed worthy of covering. Western Stars in Japanese Ads Worth That said, for many magwzine, the most compelling aspect of this retrospective may well be its collection of Shaw’s editorials which chart the growth of his brainchild as well as the scene it helped spawn, and the friction between his quixotic musical sensibilities and what was happening in music at the time and — something evidently omitted from the first volume — samplings from WPTB’s legendary letters pages, which includes correspondence from such luminaries and later luminaries as John Peel, Lester Bangs, Lenny Kaye, Greil Marcus, Kim Fowley, Richard Meltzer, Ed Ward and Jay Kinney.

Saturday, April 10, New York Bo,p. I remember that Bomp cover well. The Vault of Buncheness. William Stout cover art, magaizne LP ads, etc.

Who Put the Bomp

This is a document of true devotion. American independent record labels Record labels established in Vanity record labels Garage punk Garage rock record labels Pop record labels Punk record labels. Bompp collects writings from the s-’70s run of Bomp! Dave Lambert – Hawaiian War Chant print ad: It is pretty amazing how much of these tiny little zines were preserved over the years. An idealization by artist William Stout ‘.


A new book exposes the perfidy of their sons’ wives. It could take you, like, forever, just to read through all this.

Might that letter from Tom Miller on page actually have been written by the future Tom Verlaine? I used to hang out at Bomp’s record store back in the 70s, along with a whole lot of other incipient punks. Links to this post.

The proposed law would make it legal for adults to possess, purchase, and grow weed and would regulate and tax the drug statewide. Record Cover Galleries, etc. Thursday, February 18, Video Watchblog. It was created by Greg Shaw and his wife. Retrieved from ” https: Switch to the mobile version of this page.

He gave tirelessly of his time, talent, knowledge, and advice, whether running sound at a gig or recording a young band. Posted by Patrick Boissel at About the Ephemera blog. Seuss’ The Grinch Fantastic Beasts: Tabbed Event Search All. This is a work beyond anything Greg and I could have dreamed magazije, thanks to the hard work and dedication of many talented people, and of course thanks to all of you, my customers, for making it all possible.

Global Animation Domination Continues: And “garage rock” is one of those terms that spreads far and wide its net.