BHEL Haridwar block 2 heavy fabrication, training report Summer Training Project Report on EMPLOYEE MOTIVATION OF BHEL EMPLOYEES. This project report has been made as a part of the industrial training the least; I would like to thank all the staff members of B.H.E.L. Block-4, Ranipur, Haridwar. Training Report on Manufacturing of Turbo Generator at BHEL Haridwar .. BLOCK-4 CIM (Coil & Insulation Manufacturing) & ACG (Apparatus control Gear) v. .. undertaken summer training in Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Haridwar.

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WindmillSolar water heating system. The end stator is packets and core clamping and is intensively cooled by through special ventilation system.

Bhel Haridwar- Training report – MW bar CIM block 4 (EEE) – PDF Free Download

Control Relay Panels iv. It is forged from a vacuum cast steel traininf for insulation of the field winding are made into the rotor body.

Retrieved 29 September Two individual conductors placed-one over the other are bent to obtain half turns. Temperature detector and other device installed or connected within machine, permit the windings core and hydrogen temperature, pressure, and purity in machine. Help Center Find new research papers in: This insulation shows only a small increase in dielectric dissipation factor with increasing test voltage.


BHEL REPORT | juhi agarwal –

Power generating setIndustrial turbo — sets, CompressorsPumps and heatersBow — millsHeat exchangers oil ringsGas turbinesSwitch gears. These include high voltage power and distribution transformers, instrument transformers, dry type transformers, SF6 switchgear, capacitors, and insulators etc. It has 4 Bays, 3 Assembly section and Test bed. The longitudinal slots are distributed over the circumference.

Log In Sign Up. Turbo generator requires water cooling arrangement over and above the usual hydrogen cooling arrangement. Today, with 20, MW per annum capacity for power plant equipment manufacturing, BHEL’s mammoth size of operations is evident from its widespread network of 17 Manufacturing Units, two Repair Units, four Regional Offices, eight Service Centres, eight Overseas Offices, six Joint Ventures, fifteen Regional Marketing Centres and current project execution at more than project sites across India and abroad.

Consistent performance in a highly competitive environment enabled BHEL attain the coveted ‘Maharatna’ status in The rotor houses the field winding. In the rfportit was ranked ninth most innovative company in the world by US business magazine Forbes.

For fascinating and monitoring the healthiness of bearing insulation, shaft insulation is provided Fig. The bar insulation is cured in an electrically heated process and thus epoxy resin fill all voids and eliminate air inclusions.

Bhel Haridwar- Training report – 800 MW bar CIM block 4 (EEE)

Steam — turbinesHydro — turbinesGas — turbineTurbo generatorsControl panels, Light aircraftsElectrical machines. Blocj has supplied generating equipment to various utilities capable of generating over MW power.


DC voltage is applied to field winding through the slip rings. Kapoor for their immensely helpful, painstaking attitude and suggestion during the training. The natural frequency of the stator body is well away from any of exiting frequencies.

It is the 7th largest power equipment manufacturer in the world. Lastly, our training at B. As it is look working, the cooling water is again cooled by water which is also demineralized to avoid contamination with any impure water in case of cooler tube leakage the secondary DM cooling water is in turn cooled by Clarified water taken from clarified water header.

For this purpose DM water of proper specifying resistance is harridwar.


The solid conductors have a rectangular cross-section and are provided axial slots for radial or cooling air. BHEL has indigenously developed the state-of-the-art controlled shunt reactor for reactive power management on long transmission lines. Each lamination made of number of individual segments.

This collaboration still continues. The armature is connected to rotating rectifier brides for rectifying AC voltage induced to armature to DC voltage.