Integrated KVM Console with 15″ or 17″ LCD monitor in a Slideaway housing. Compatible with ATEN KVM switches (CL). Dual Console: two users may. Multiplatform support: ATEN converters enable PS/2 KVM switches to support USB, Sun, and Mac computers. Click for more details. Alternative Models: These . Download for CL / CL cl__pdf Firmware Upgrade, v, , cl__vzip.

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This function enables you to easily skip backward or forward – switching theKVM focus from the currently active computer port to the previous or nextavailable one. PhaseAdjusts the vertical size of the screen image. Page 51 Hotkey OperationAuto ScanningAuto Scan automatically switches among all the active CPU Ports that areaccessible to the currently logged on User at regular intervals, allowingautomatic monitoring of computer activity.

8/16-Port PS/2 Slideaway LCD KVM Switch

Click Finish to close the Firmware Upgrade Utility. Many of the OSD functions only operateon the computers currently selected for Listing on the Main Screen with thisfunction.

Its purpose, features and benefits are presented, and its front andback panel components are described. It allows the Administrator toconfigure and control the overall operation of the OSD. In order for hotplugging to work properly, however, the procedures described below mustbe followed: See the next section, Firmware UpgradeRecovery, for how to proceed.

Your manual failed to upload The Firmware Upgrade Utility5. After the switch is atfn on, power on the computers. This function allows theAdministrator to create, modify, or delete port names.


The Utility comes as cl-1028 of a Firmware Upgrade Package that is specific foreach device. AppendixTroubleshootingProblemThere are ghost imageson the external monitor. ThePort ID is made up of two parts: Otherwise, the switch will still receivepower from the computers.

ATEN Technology CL User Manual | 73 pages | Also for: CL

To change a setting: Introduction1HandlePull to slide the KVM module out; push to slide the modulein see item 13 in this table. Selecting the Active PortAuto Scanning. The Firmware Upgrade Utility Welcome screen appears: Slide the rear attachment sliding bracket along the cl-208 bar until itcontacts the rear of the switch, then screw it to the rear of the switch. Page 61 The Firmware Upgrade Utility5. ContrastAdjusts the foreground white level of the screen image.

Tell us about it.

ATEN Intl. – Bulgaria

You must unplug the power cords of any computers that havethe Keyboard Power On function. Power off the switch. This function is particularly useful for operations that need to be performedon multiple computers, such as performing a system wide shutdown,installing or upgrading software, etc. Power off the switch and remove the top cover from the unit chassis. To access theconsole, slide the console module out and raise the cover.

You can dwell on a particular port for as long or as little asyou like – as opposed to Auto Scanning, which automatically switches after afixed interval. Check the web site regularly tofind the latest packages and information relating to them.


You must unplug the power cords ofany computers that have the Keyboard Power On function. Press and release the dl-1208 key;3. Switching Station PositionsYou can switch station positions by simply unplugging from the old parentand plugging into a new one.

Wait 10 seconds, then plug the Station back in. Only the Station Numbers get updated. Hotkey OperationSkip ModeThis feature allows you to switch between computers in order to monitorthem manually. Invoke HKM see p. Click the port you want, or use the Navigation Keys to movethe highlight bar to it, then press [Enter]. Shut down all the computers that are attached to it. Power up the installation according to the following procedure: DoubleClick the choice you want, or move the Highlight Bar to it then press[Enter].

Hotkey OperationHotkey Port Access. Wait a few seconds for the unit to ascertain its Station ID. Page 9 Chapter 1. For example, [Enter] means topress the Enter key. To Edit aport name: Before starting it back up you must do the following: ClockAdjusts the horizontal size of the screen image.

When a port is deselected, thearrowhead disappears.