Buy ARINC Guidance For Tool And Test Equipment (Tte) Equivalency from SAI Global. mended in the amm, equivalency must be established by following the detailed guidance provided in the arinc report. , “guidance for tool and test equip. ARINC Uploaded by Anonymous QFuHHlM. ARINC Report Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for.

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It is important for airline support to be gained prior to submittal. How maintenance requirements for alternate TTE are developed?

Documents to be produced and date of expected result The name and number if already assigned of the proposed ARINC standard to be either newly produced or modified.

Calibration Procedure and Equipment.

Category 2 — Generic TTE, task specific This category includes commercial off the shelf COTS tools and other equipment specified by part number, drawing or physical parameters, where the alternate equipment can be shown to produce the same results in the specific task e. Nil Permanent No Classification: How equivalency documentation is filed? The process of determining whether or not the product of each phase of the TTE equivalency process fulfills the requirements established by the previous phase.

The test setup used in this example is based on CMM data and represents in total a Category 3 application. Accuracy Specification As the bearing centreline distance for the slat actuator is derived from the geometry of the test fixture and the known distance from the actuator mount to the fixed distance block it is necessary to verify these dimensions.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC Test Equipment – Avionics

Those growth areas could even include motors or generators, he adds. It covers the technical support and data packages TSDPs that avionics original equipment manufacturers OEMs should supply to third-party test program set TPS providers as the prerequisite for high-quality test solutions.


The dimensions to be checked refer PCRef Arjnc are those which have a direct influence on the measurement of the bearing centreline distance or the accuracy of mounting the actuator in the test fixture ie mounting hole diameters. In order to ascertain the actuator bearing centreline distance the deviation of the rod end cap fitted to the rod end of the actuator from this zero position is measured by the dial indicator and the following calculation performed: In order to provide access to the cockpit printer from several different avionics sources, a single protocol is needed.

The equivalency determination has to be performed for each element used for arihc task at hand. Maintenance task — High level description of maintenance task at hand e. In those instances where the airline or repair station uses the OEM recommended equipment, no proof of equivalency is necessary. Signed for, and on behalf of, The Quality Assurance Manager: The TTE may be: ARINC sponsors aviation industry committees and participates arincc related industry activities that benefit aviation at large by providing technical leadership and guidance and frequency management.

This may include common usage tools or items used as an aid to rainc maintenance that do not affect the airworthiness of an article. Prioritization of effort Implementation schedule Define organization s responsible for determining equivalence Roles and responsibilities defined aeinc each organizational element Define qualifications for personnel authorized to determine equivalency Process fully documented within the MRO organization Process linked to Quality Management System QMS – QMS should refer arin the TTE equivalency process – QMS should define how the external suppliers comply with the equivalency process 4.

Any project arnic beyond a single year will be reviewed annually before being reauthorized. The protocol will be independent of the underlying data stream or page description language but will be usable by all classes of printers. Therefore, this document was written to address the equivalency based on a specific task, a group of tasks, arnc, or group of applications i. The equivalency process for procured alternate TTE? If no such group is known to exist, a recommendation to form a new group may be made.


For purposes of this report, equivalent equipment is defined as alternate equipment to that specified by the OEM that correctly arimc the task at hand.

Error Reproduce the material in error, as it appears in the standard. The output of this process step is the set of Verification Results.

An APIM may be initiated by anyone in the airline community, e. Proposed FAA Order For example, narrative sentences may be changed to bullet items, etc.

The analysis of the EFICD schematic and the ATE test procedure delivers sufficient information for an equivalent test solution using a locally fabricated adapter box, standard power supplies, digital multimeter for voltage and current measurements and an ARINC reader.

Determine that the alternate TTE and related procedures meet the requirements of the specific task or group of tasks at hand – substitution approved for specified tasks only Determine that the arunc TTE and related procedures are equivalent identical to the original recommendation – global substitution 3. The APIM writer or, subsequently, The Committee may identify other groups which must be given the opportunity to review and comment upon mature draft documents.

Product Focus: Expanding Scope of ARINC 625 Test Equipment

The implementation-specific data will be moved into appendices or attachments at the end of the document. The tooling qrinc used with care and not subject to general workshop wear and tear. Complex tasks may require thousands of points of equivalency to be established. Attachment 2 provides a checklist to assist in evaluating equivalency program and process attributes.

A TTE equivalency certificate? To define the roles and responsibilities for the organizations involved. Appendix C contains a sub-set of the documents that would be included in an equivalency technical data file for a simple device.