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The request will include asummary of circumstances, statements of involved commanders, and recommendations. DOD will use its best efforts to seek available appellate review of a court order to release a report. Obtain the following witness information: Damage to Army aircraft, vehicles, or any other property, which occurs when an individual misappropriatesan aircraft or vehicle not authorized to be flown or driven by the individual will not be reported as an accident. Commanders of installa-tions and activities with an ammunition or explosives mission will— 1 Establish an ESMP in compliance with this regulation and DA Pam — Property damage as a result of vandalism, riots, civil disorders, or felonious acts such as arson.

DA PAM –65 – AKO US Army

Injury to on-duty DA Civilian personnel. Witnesseswill be advised that their statements may not be used for internal DOD adverse administrative or disciplinary purposes.

The Army provost marshal office will support investigations, to include liaison with local law enforcement asrequired. The Army will comply with therequirements in all nonmilitary DOD operations and workplaces, regardless of whether work is performed by militaryor DA Civilian personnel.

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358-65 to Armyaircraft, vehicles, or any other property which occurs after an aircraft or vehicle has been stolen is not reportable as anaccident. General use safety accident investigation reports.


Utility Worker Sodexo Inc. The evidence will besurrendered to military police or Criminal Investigation Command personnel and the safety investigation boardmembers will provide the documents necessary to establish the 3855-65 of custody.

Army Corps of Engineers and the grade of colonel or the civilian equiv- voir, VA — Perform, on a cost-reimbursable basis, special occupational health studies forexample, radiation studies and toxicity evaluations in support of health hazard assessments. Ammunition Operations in the Desert. Coordination for such a transfer of authority should include specific agreement on fundingthe cost of the investigation.

MATDEVs; acquisi-tion managers; and equipment, process, and facility designers will— 1 Initiate and tailor a System Safety Program according to this regulation, DA Pam —16, and MIL—STD—Efor all Army materiel, systems, software, equipment, facilities, and processes such as, but not limited to, in-housedevelopment, commercial off-the-shelf COTSnondevelopmental item NDIGovernment furnished equipment GFEand so forth regardless of the acquisition process utilized for example, evolutionary, spiral development, andso forth.

The safety staff or safety organization will be staffed with professional safety personnel meeting the requirementsfor these positions established by the Office of Personnel Management and the Army personnel office. In these instances, the board president will provide the following to military police or Criminal InvestigationCommand investigators— 1 Physical or common source items.

The Department of The Army Explosives Safety Council will be organized as a standing Army council to discussand resolve Army technical explosives safety policy issues.

Cook I Catering Sodexo Inc.

385/65 R 22.5

Legal investigators may consult with safety personnel for their expertise when necessaryexcept when investigating the same accident. In addition, a flightsurgeon if not available, an Army medical officer may be appointed is required to be a board member when anaccident involves— 1 Personnel injuries.


Army Safety Management System 385–65. If that regulation is not applicable, the proceduresin AR 15—6 for informal investigations will be followed.

These collections of best practices from across the Army provideSoldiers and DA Civilian employees with innovative models, examples, and tools to enrich their Army Safety Program. Army accidentAn Army accident is defined as an unplanned event, or series of events, which results in one or more 385-665 the following: Career Program Career Planning Board a. For all other classes of accidents, notification and reporting procedures will be in accordance with other sections of thisregulation.

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The RSO may not serve as thechair. Until criminalityis ruled out as a contributing factor in a death, the criminal investigation has priority over all other investigations.

This includes company-level or equivalent or-ganizational component. These reports are intended foraccident prevention purposes and will not be af for administrative or disciplinary actions within DOD. Whenever possible, normal investigations should be conducted 3856-5 all accidents with potentialArmywide impact for example, materiel failure accidents.

Chapter 3Accident Investigation and Reporting3—1. Department of the Army safety planningSOH committees will be established at each echelon of Army organizations to assist in the planning, coordination,prioritization, and implementation of SOH Programs.

Requests for extension beyond the accident report due date will be made telephonically or via email usarmy.