This gripping final mission brings together Alex Rider’s old enemies to frame the teenage superspy in an unstoppable plot of revenge, from which he can never. Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz – review. ‘I also think this book has one of the coolest covers. It looks deadly on a bookshelf’. Groovy Dhruv. Alex Rider: ‘Scorpia Rising is a really exciting book. Alex Rider’s life is on the end of the line’.

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Scorpia teamed up with a Middle Eastern man named Razim. Now the Alex Rider series is over. Kroll is shot by a sniper Kurst set up for this exact purpose and Kurst then makes use of his body as part of Razim’s plan.

Fans of the series should definitely read this so that they can learn how the story ends. Razim pretends to allow Jack to escape from her cell by making sure one of the bars is weak enough to be removed with a knife Jack has stolen, knock out a guard and drive off in an old Land Rover. Back in England, Blunt is retiring from the scandal in Crocodile Tears and will leave his job to Mrs. And finally, Smithers had a fat suit the whole time.

He claims that Alex wouldn’t dare kill him, but as Alex turns away, Julius goes for his gun, and is shot in turn by Alex. And for a time I believed the ending was not satisfying. Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.

I’d also like to add that the opening scene wasn’t bad but then it just got confusing about Ariston and the marbles. This would defy coherent explanation, that Alex killed her.

There’s also a ton of suspense. This article needs additional citations for verification. Sep 02, Safiyyah rated it it was amazing. Meanwhile, Scorpia then manages to help Julius Grief a clone of Dr. The stakes felt higher than they had in any previous book, and Scorpia’s for sure my favorite “bad guy” of the series. Anthony Horowitz is perhaps the busiest writer in England. Alex then finds out what Smithers’ last gadget is – a fat suit which he has been wearing since the moment Alex met him – and discovers that Smithers is really a skinny Irishman in his late thirties.


Unbeknownst to her, the Land Rover has 30 kilograms of explosives uorowitz to it and, with Alex watching live on a screen, Julius detonates the bomb, killing her instantly. Stormbreaker Graphic Novel Anthony Horowitz. Sep 23, Skip rated it really liked sdorpia Shelves: That’s impressive, coming from me!

Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider, #9) by Anthony Horowitz

Zeljan Kurst, chief executive of the criminal organization Scorpia, is asked by Yannis Ariston Xenopolos, a Greek billionaire suffering from terminal cancer, to return the Elgin Marbles to Greece. Despite many members of the executive board expressing general amusement with Razim’s plan, Levi Kroll hotly protests aanthony threatens to kill Zeljan Kurst if Scorpia does not let him leave.

I love Razim’s concept on the measurement of pain. In this book, more than any of the others, he escapes death and saves the day not only through pure dumb luck, but through smart thinking and planning. They killed sorpia parents, they did their best to con Alex into turning traitor, and they anthoyn keep coming back with more power. If you don’t like the book you can see the first movie Stormbreaker, though I recommend you read the books first.

First of all, killing of Jack Starbright, Anthony? Write another, Anthony Horowitz! And this is one he might not come home from. Hugo Grief escape scoorpia a top-secret prison in Gibraltarwhile at the same time faking his death. As abthony last request, Alex asks for a cigarette, but as Gunter opens the packet, an irate scorpion Alex hid inside stings him.


Overall, this book was amazing. But nothing is as it seems and he finds himself being played by everyone. It tells the story of the life of Scorpia board members and Alex’s final dealing with them.

Yes, Jack is dead. The market is blown up whilst he is on it.

Scorpia Rising – Wikipedia

He gets out and survives, but then he is then kidnapped by a mysterious group, who took him to a room where he is waterboarded for information. I’ve always had a slightly weak spot for him and liked him, but “Scorpia Rising” made me loathe him. In the aftermath, the remaining Scorpia members are arrested or executed, including Kurst, causing Scorpia to disband as their reputation is destroyed.

Jack Starbright, who was triumphantly starting the Land Rover, happy that she might actually escape the madman’s place. The horowltz part of the book is written through Scorpia’s point of v I’ve ‘rode’ these books from the beginning to the end, starting in sixth grade.

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz – review

I am only sorry that the movie did abthony do it justice. I don’t think I ever been this dissatisfied with the ending of a series ever.

In my opinion Scorpia Rising may be the best novel in a long and excellent series. But I didn’t like the way it ended! Someone from all the books are going to die, i bet its going to be Jack.

Scorpia Rising by Anthony Horowitz – review

Did I mention how much I love Alex? This immobilizes Gunter enough for Alex to steal his gun and break his nose, killing him when he falls. He has been used against his will.