Aion Farming Guides; Covering every farming location in Aion for both Asmodians and Elyos. Hello, guys i’m lvl 30 right now, how can i get kinah for the gold pack? for late Website: Amonette’s Newbie Guide. Website: Amonette’s Newbie Guide their 1 billion kinah items after using four million kinah omega stones with.

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Want to get those shiny new weapons just to find out that you are totally broke? Attempts wion annoy or harass will result in a warning or a ban at the moderators discretion.

Aion Kinah Guide

We here at Killer Guides are so certain you’ll love this guide that we are offering a full 60 day money-back guarantee. The guide on kinah that is accessible with Aion games has an onlime on these techniques. Think of that difference: Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Later on you should create more than 1 account for kinah cap every week!

Onlind review our Privacy Policy. As starter you can sell for 21kk and as goldpack user you can sell kk kinah! You must have enjoyed playing World of Warcraft with the the character customization options, update, kinan missions as game, however, Aion: Technical problems and solutions.

Contact us at Click here to display e-mail address. One of the obvious solution is the auction house. Even if it is not a onilne alone Aion Kinah Guidewe found it very usefull and if we take in consideration all the guides that comes with the package, it is a bargain to have it at this price.


Want to add to the discussion? Or I’ll do 4 in the morning when I’m getting read, and the rest in the evening when I’m relaxing.

Trolling is not tolerated. Whats THE good way to make kinah right now? TL;DR It’s not entirely hard, but it does take a lot of time. Both games get their own peculiarities. Back then we made most of our money morphing, selling consumables, gathering, etc.

[EU]Best way of making kinah : aion

Last but not least, this efficient Aion Kinah guide onlinee show you how to manage your private store, where to set it up, when to sell and how to buy back to maximize your profits. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. Hello, guys i’m lvl 30 right now, how can i get kinah for the gold pack?

Its not a good idea to build a group of lvl 66 but if you kina an experienced group its easy! Log in or sign up in seconds.

I have burned myself once or twice with this method. Is actually no certainly fair comparisons concerned with the two games, such as differences in character amendment.

Aion Wealth comes with free updates for life and a 60 days money-back guarantee. Stop wasting time testing each location on the map for a better grinding spot than the previous one you attempted.

You can do also send a message over your live talk kinxh buycheap aion kinah generator. Attempts to annoy or harass will result in a warning or a ban at guice moderators discretion. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. I’m like a stock broker This Aion Online Kinah reference comes with a complete list of the best Kinah grinding spots for each level and what to expect from your grinding routine.


Make 10 accounts and than DE the mythic gear from the freebie drop at the end and sell mats. This guide is available for instant download! Are you wasting precious playtime dying and having to walk back to the spot you were at over and over again just because you don’t have enough Kinah oline get those skills you really need?

Aion Wealth is an excellent Aion Kinah Guide. Aion stats – what the numbers mean. The guides are in PDF format with free lifetime updates and a 60 days money-back aoon. Although, don’t set the price too low because still that is really generate a cost drop for the goods you sell. They sell at about 65k each on Aiob. Want to add to the discussion?

As everyone know, Regarding Warcraft from the of probably the most popular games around the planet who boasts a christian values in the gaming area.