Warning: You must download your D designs from the cloud before April 1. After that, they’re all gone. I just noticed d make is not working anymore. I cannot import file. The forums lead me to a notice that Autodesk has discontinued and.

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Finally, it might be hard to find a good activation link for Fusion Is this merely a cessation of allowing new downloads, or is the entire infrastructure shutting down? Mke can follow my day-to-day project updates on social media. In other words, where can users take all their hard work to be able to keep working with their projects?

If you want to save any of your work that you have not stored in local files, you must login now and download them. Select the method that best visually represents your model, is the quickest to assemble, or wastes the least amount of material – it expot really up to you! My guidance to developers is, if you’re shutting down a service that will destroy users’ work, you can’t go too far or be too clear to make sure users know what’s happening and aren’t surprised at the last minute.

This example is the Stacked Slices technique. In this helpful video, David Gewirtz dives into how a few inexpensive materials purchased from Harbor Freight can be used to hack A look at projects coming in Turning your 3D models into a real-world objects is quick and easy with the combined power of AutoDesk’s D Make software and an Epilog Laser system.


Innovation Can the 12d3 smart water monitor save you big bucks? Start downloading right now. An insanely useful Alexa trick for all you Christmas cooks. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

Laser 3D Model Making with 123D Make

There are 6 different Construction Techniques to select from: A look at projects coming in Get ready for another year of 3D printing, ma,e, robots, smart homes, and more as David Gewirtz unveils early plans for DIY-IT projects and hands-on making in The company also suggests D Design users might like Tinkercad, but it doesn’t seem like the online service will import D Design exporf. Tiny IoT devices that let you track temperature data on your smartphone As IoT devices mature, we’re starting to see sensors and other devices that integrate into our app-centric smartphone-managed world.

As much as I appreciate the folks at Autodesk providing these free resources, “notifying the community” didn’t really mean notifying all users. Then set up the sheet parameters for the material you will be using to manufacture your model. Niwa One Indoor Smart Garden.

We put it all in perspective. Can the Flo smart water monitor save you big bucks? Gardening is not one of them. Is this the 3D printer businesses and departments have been waiting for? Early April means April ma,e, so download your stuff right now.


Do this right now to save your Autodesk D designs from shutdown oblivion | ZDNet

If you’ve already downloaded and installed the apps, you can continue to use them, but Autodesk will no longer makw developing or supporting them.

In this example the model’s length was changed to 12″ and the other measurements scale to proportion. Winterizing your 3D printers with a little help from Harbor Freight. It is possible to migrate any downloaded models you have stored on your local computer. I reached out to Autodesk for some additional guidance, and here’s what they said:. How 3D printing is revving up to save the auto industry big bucks.

There will be no more updates. In this review, we look at a 3D floor planning project and show how it can help save time, Winterizing your 123v printers with a little help from Harbor Freight 3D printing in a cold environment can be challenging.

At midnight on April 1 that’s Saturday, folks! Start by opening one of the example models in 12d Make or a model of your own.

You will lose them.